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Tiffany WANGChong

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Fashion

Show Different Brands OF F
N Karl Lagerfeld Karl is the top designer of CHANEL. He was borned in German, and study about fashion design in Paris from 14years old. Now, he is the most famous designer in fashion world. Not only work in CHANEL, he also have his own brand which used his own name. He never put his black glasses down! COCO Chanel COCO Chanel is the founder of this brand. Her frist name was Gabrielle Chanel. She was bowned in Paris, and has two sisters, three brothers. There are many things happened in her life, they changed her a lot. The most important one for her personality was she always has her own goal. COCO thought women didn't need dress too much clothes, so, she changed the style about women's clothes which looks more clearly and more comfortable, just like men's. She was the Ancestors of Fashion World!! This is the film about COCO http://nymag.com/fashion/fashionshows/designers/bios/chanel/ http://www-cn.chanel.com/zh_CN/ http://www.hermes.com Hermes The name HERMES was coms from Greek mythology which represent gods.

This family was originally Protestant Germans but settled to Fance in 1837.

Thierry Hermès who was the first people established this brand. He's a horseback rider and worked for
royal family in France.

Now, Hermès has 14 product divisions encompassing leather, scarves, ties, menswear, women's fashion, perfume, watches, stationery, footwear, gloves, enamel, decorative arts, tableware, and jewelry.

The most famous one was their bags and silks. Christian Dior Christian Diro was borned in France. He has a rich family when he was young and his father want him became diplomat, but Dior only wished to be involved in mostly fashion, After World War 2, Dior became a Fashion designer to made women's clothes. In 1947, Dior introduced his first fashion series. www.dior.com http://www.alexanderwang.com/ Alexander Wang Alexander Wang Alexander Wang is the most famous Chinese Americans designer in New York now. He was bored in San Francisco, California. When he was very young, he was already been good at Drawing, and his first Fashion show was in his years 15 on his brother's wedding. When he was 16 years old, he was get offer form Parsons The New School For Design. Which is the most famous Art School in America. The most famous Fashion magazine <VOGUE>'s editor: Anna Wintour like his Design very much . In the year 2008, Alexander Wang was won the "VOGUE Fashion Fund Award" In the same year, he also won the CFDA award. 1: Chanel 2: Hermes 3: alexander Wang 4:Dior What is FASHION??? I think FASHION are not only about clothes, shoes, bags... It's a personal stuly which yourself prefer, sometimes it's different than others. Thank you for your attention! Every one is your own FAshion desginer!~~
BY: Tiffany Wang The End... LVMH The famous luxury bloc: LVMH have
many brand under it. Recently,
the CEO in this bloc want to
Acquisition HERMES.
He already have 17% of stock for HERMES. The


style Looks very cool! Many famous super stars
are prefer HERMES very much!! By: Tiffany Wang This perfume called Chance. There there different colors of this series. They have different flavour. This Fashion show was hold in ShangHai in 2010. The Fashionable arena was above the HuangPu River. This Fashionable arena was very special. It used two big ice, like iceberg which are let moddles though them.
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