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Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

I like trains.

Jeromie Disser

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

By: Jules Verne The setting in the book is in Iceland and also in the tallest mountain's crater in Iceland, which is named Sneffels. Setting Main
Characters * Axel, the professor's Nephew and Loyal assistant.
*Professor Lidenbrock, Axel's uncle and a majrly smart scientist that wants to follow in Arne Saknussem's steps to go to the centre of the earth.
*Arne Saknussem, a scientist that has traveled to the centre of the earth on his own.
*Hans, the Icelandic guide that accompanies Axel and Professor Lidenbrock on their adventure to the centre of the earth.
*Grauben, a girl that Axel loves and hopes to marry in the future.
*Martha, the maid of Axel and Professer Lidenbrock that makes their food and cleans all their clothes.
* The point of view of the story is from a young boy named Axel, who travels the earth and subterranean areas of the earth. Point of View The plot of the story is studying the subterranean area with the main Character and two companions, such as Axel, Professor Lidenbrock, and Hans, the Icelandic guide on the trip. With these three men, they will travel the subterranean area on a quest to find the centre of the Earth. Plot The Professor and his companions start to go low on water but are still very high on food. But the Professor keeps a couple drops of water to "revive" his nephew, Axel. Rising Action The theme of the story is to never believe what others say until you know that it is true or untrue yourself. Theme The climax of the story, "Journey to the Centre of the Earth", is when Professor Lidenbrock, Hans, and Axel encounter a granite wall that blocks them from getting to their destination at Cape Saknussem. But Professor Lidenbrock, Hans, and Axel decide to use gun-cotton to blow up the wall. Climax The falling action of the story is when Professor Liden brock and his companions, Hans and Axel, destroy the granite wall and continue on with their quest to get to the centre of the Earth and back to their home alive. Falling Action The resolution to the story is when Professor Lidenbrock, Hans, and Axel return to the surface of the earth to greet there freinds and for Axel, his Fiancee Grauben. Resolution At the centre of the Earth, Professor Lidenbrock and Hans took camp to revive Axel from his majorly large fall to meet up with his uncle and Hans at the centre. After Axel woke up, they went on a long adventure to find Arne Saknussem's sign to show he was there. When they found Arne Saknussem's sign, they knew they were in the right place. Then when they thought they had found where Arne Saknussem left off, they found his knife and decided to continue on with they're adventure to find out where Arne Saknussem left off last with his adventure from the centre of the earth back to surface of the Earth many years ago. At the Centre of the Earth
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