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No description

Brandon Brown

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Christmas

Treatment 1: Country

Treatment 2: Pop

Treatment 3: Christmas

Treatment 4: No Music
Compare moods of shoppers
Survey Cont.
Merry Christmas!

1. Rate your mood using the Likert scale from 1-10.
1-sad and 10-happy
Experimental Continued
Replication & Randomization:

Randomly distribute the four different genres to twenty different stores

No blocking

Can be single blinded as the researchers may not know which store has which music

Experimental Continued
Control Group:

No music played

Play the music for the same amount of time, at the same amount of store locations, and play music at the same time during the research period
Not involved
Experimental Continued
Country Music, Pop Music, Christmas Music, No music
Not every genre of music is able to be generalized to only country, pop, and Christmas as well as no music.
Survey Potential Biases
Observational Study
Main Topic:
Purpose: To see the emotion people have when they get a certain number of gifts
Type of Study: Prospective
Time: Looking forward 5 years
Explanatory Variable: Number of gifts received
Response Variable: Emotion based on Likert Scale of 1-5 (1 - Not happy at all, 5 - overjoyed)
Sampling population: People who celebrate Christmas
Sampling frame: People who live in Lilburn
Sampling size: The three neighborhood's houses
People might be gaining weight for other reasons
Some people may not be home
Some people may not celebrate Christmas
The survey is limited to adults so people under 18 will not have a chance to take the survey.
Controlling Sources of...
Keep every room at the same temperature, keep the lighting the same, have the participants in the stores around the same times of the day
Group 1: 10 stores

Group 2: 10 stores

Group 3: 10 stores

Group 4: 10 stores




The Diagram
40 different stores
Group 1: 10 stores

Group 2: 10 stores

Group 3: 10 stores

Group 4: 10 stores
Treatment 1: Country Music

Treatment 2: Pop Music

Treatment 3: Christmas Music

Treatment 4: No music (Control)
Compare mood and emotion
Survey Questions:
Do you celebrate Christmas?
Do you consume more food in an average month during Christmas time between December and January?
Did you gain weight after Christmas?
Experimental Study
To show if Christmas music affects the mood of shoppers
Explanatory Variable:
Different genres of music played
Response Variable:
Emotional response rated 1-10 on a Likert scale
Length of Study:
90 days
Sparking Activity
Who's hungry?
Observational Continued
Potential Issues:

People may get more gifts if they have more friends and are closer to them
If someone's birthday is on Christmas, then they may get more gifts
Purpose: To find out if adults who live in Lilburn gain weight after Christmas
Sampling Technique: Cluster Sampling
generate a list of all the neighborhoods in Lilburn
randomly select 3 neighborhoods
Complete a census of all three neighborhoods
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