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Curriculum Renewal


Darryl Isbister

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of Curriculum Renewal

Outcomes for the Morning
Find connections between renewed curriculum and the goals and key strategies of Collegiate Renewal
New Grade 9 Curriculum
Table of Contents – consistent format through all required areas of study

Acknowledgments – teachers, administrators, students involved in development of renewed documents

Glossary – provides clarity, consistency and support for teachers

References – consistent with sources used by SPS
Broad Areas of Learning (BAL's)
Lifelong Learners

Self and Community

Engaged Citizens
Cross Curricular Competencies (CCC):

Identity and Interdependence

Social Responsibility

Goals of the Required Areas of Study
Unique to each subject area
Effective Programs
Focus on grade specific outcomes

Provide meaningful contexts

Encourage inquiry, questioning and efficacy

Teach critical and powerful learning strategies

Develop literacy

Recognize and address diversity

Respect various perspectives and world views
Outcomes and Indicators
Outcomes (These are the "musts")

Specify what the students are expected to be able to demonstrate

Focus on what students will learn rather than on what teachers teach

Guide course, unit and lesson planning

Indicators : (possible ways learning can look)

Representative list of what students need to know and/or be able to do to achieve an outcome

Represent the breadth and depth of the outcome
Assessment and Instruction
Assessment contributes to an overall picture of an individual student’s achievement and involves the use of information about student progress to support and improve student learning and inform instructional practices.
Connections with Other Areas of Study
The curriculum is more relevant when connections are made to
student's lives and previous learnings.
A deeper understanding may be attained through the integration of disciplines.
Some outcomes for indiviual areas of study complement each other and offer opportunities for subject area integration.
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