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OLD Day 3: Class Structure

No description

Matt Baker

on 29 August 2018

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Transcript of OLD Day 3: Class Structure

Day 3: How We Learn
How We Learn
Background Information
: Populism in the West (1880-1900)
-Farmers in the west were discontent because of:
-Falling crop prices
-Loans - hard to repay
-The railroad being too expensive for use
-Farmers created the "Farmer Alliance" to voice their political discontent
-Thus, creating the "
Populist Party,
" or a political party that represented common people
-One of their platforms was Bimetalism, or using two medals (instead of just gold) to back money in the economy
1. Create a new Google Doc in your folder
2. Name the doc: How <name> Learns Best
3. Answer the following question:
How do you best learn? Why do you learn best that way?

-I learn best by reading documents because...
-I learn best by listening to my teacher because...
-Annotating primary source documents
-Discussing the main ideas
-Researching current events and relevant connections
-Writing our thoughts and opinion
-Read what's on the board first
-Summarize each bullet point
-Listen when Mr. Baker is explaining
- summarize the main points in the margin
- underline/highlight important evidence or quotes
- put it all together to find the purpose
William Jennings Bryan gave the Cross of Gold Speech as the first Populist candidate to run for president. He was speaking out against the Gold Standard, which hurt farmers.
With the people at your table, discuss how "The Cross of Gold Speech" is an example of "populist" rhetoric (writing).

Discussion Rules:
1. Answer the prompt
2. Start talking when the music turns on
3. Stop talking when the music is off
4. Storm will call on groups to share
-Researching means finding information using sources that are reliable
-When you document your research, write it in your own words to make sure you understand it & don't plagiarize it
With the people at your table, discuss this question: Does modern populism still represent the "common people?" Why or why not?

Discussion Rules:
1. Answer the prompt
2. Start talking when the music turns on
3. Stop talking when the music is off
4. Storm will call on groups to share
Does modern populism still represent and advocate for the common people? Why or why not?

1. Complete sentences
2. Answer ALL parts of the question
3. Cite evidence
4. Explain evidence
Modern Populism:
Topics to research...
-Bernie Sanders & Populism
-Donald Trump & Populism
-Populist platforms
-Populist laws
Leftovers from Friday
1st block: Frontier Thesis & Assimilation

4th block: Assimilation and Concept Map

Let's take 10-15 minutes to knock this out.
- Notebook (Tuesday)
- Syllabus (Due today)
- Cross of Gold Speech
- Laptop

- I can describe how I learn
- I can research Populism

Google Folder
1. Log on to the laptop
2. Go to your Google Drive
3. Create a Google Folder
a. Name - American History 2
4. Share it with me
a. Mathew1.baker@cms.k12.nc.us
5. Many of your written responses will be submitted here
6. Creates a digital portfolio of your work
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