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New Supervisor Training

No description

UH Mosaic Staff Development

on 2 January 2018

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Transcript of New Supervisor Training

How did we get here?
Vision 2020
Quint Studer:
Worthwhile Work
Making a Difference
Culture of Excellence
Change is Good!!!
What has changed?

ICF to IRA's
New Survey protocols
Person Centered Outcomes
Leadership Changes
Behavior Standards
Interview Process
Performance Reviews

Why Are We Here?
Leaders need to be:

Be Engaged
Know what’s expected
Support those they lead
Receive support from
their leaders.
Leadership Points from Ted
A Leader must have the Guts to Stand Alone and Look Ridiculous.

A leader must be easy to follow.

Make Everything About the Movement, and Not You
Lessons from Ted
Nurture the First Followers as Equals!
Everyone Needs to See the Followers, not just the Leader for Success.
The First Follower Courageously Follows and Shows others how to Follow.
The First Follower Turns a ‘Lone Nut’ into a Leader.
Our Expectations
Standards of Behavior
Provide Consistency/ Have no Favorites
Promote Positive Relationships/Teamwork
Use Teachable Moments
Our Expectations
Positive Reinforcement
Team Building
What make a Team?
There’s no “I” in Team
T- Together
E- Everyone
A- Achieves
M- More

To get everyone to pull together and function as a TEAM instead of going in separate directions.
In America Today
Institutions such as schools, our family structures and our pastimes emphasize winning, being the best and coming out on top.

Workers are rarely raised in environments that emphasize true teamwork and collaboration.
Creating a Culture of Teamwork
Employee morale directly related to teamwork

Great teamwork produces high employee morale even when times are tough and change is necessary

Everyone on the team needs to acknowledge that everyone has strengths and weaknesses; the key is maximizing everyone's strengths
Value Collaboration
In a Teamwork environment employees understand and believe that thinking, planning, decisions and actions are better when done cooperatively.
Employees then recognize and execute the belief that “none of us is as good as all of us”
Need to build strong personal relationships among team members

Promote constructive debate with no territorial boundaries. The debate should never become defensive or personally attacking

Becoming defensive and personal attacks poison employee morale
“ Water Off The Duck’s Back”
Conflict Resolution/Crisis Intervention
Being a Leader means…

What do you see as your role as a supervisor/leader?
Last but not Least….
Clear expectations
Use specific terms.
Describe work behaviors so they can be observed.
Describe work behaviors so they can be counted.
Describe so people can agree when they occur
Transition to Supervisory Role
Role changes
Get work done through others.
From being ‘liked’ to being ‘respected’.
From knowing the answers to seeking input.
Responsible for the actions of others.
Supervisory Roles
Walk the fine line between being a Supervisor and an employee’s confidant.
Mentor giving advice to the employee about the job, the organization.
Advocate for the residents.
Advocate for the employees.
Advocate for the Organization
Realities of Supervision
No Routine to supervisory work.

People and issues arrive unprioritized- need to filter for urgency and importance.

People start acting differently toward you.
Realities of Leadership
Give up your old job.

Guard against perceptions of “favorites”

Employees want their manager to manage.
Performance Expectations
How do staff know what you expect in terms of job performance?
When setting Expectations remember…
I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand.
Once upon a time…..
Hardwiring for Excellence
Quint Studer

Chapter Review
Go forth and Hardwire !!!


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