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Key Factors For QR Code Shop

Final Presentation

Devin Woo

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Key Factors For QR Code Shop

Yongchao Wu yonwu@kth.se
zhenyu Lin zhenyul@kth.se
QR Code shops may probably be the future shopping method, which are currently quite popular and useful in many countries. Compared to that, the development in Sweden is relatively slow.

Probably, there are some key factors for QR Code Shop to be successful, which may include local population scale and average free time for shopping, delivery cost, mobile data plan price, smartphone market scale, usability of the mobile application, product structure, users’ confidence and promotion, etc.
The project is conducted in quantitative method in prove or disprove the hypothesis
In building the related data model for comparison, qualitative method will be conduct.
information and data related to the cost of
retailing goods will be collected
Problem and hypothesis
Key Factors For QR Code Shop
Data Collection and Analysis
Final Report
QR Code Shops are new form of retailing since 2009. To define therelated data model for its success, it is quite exploratory. Soqualitative method is chosen for this part. Then to test and find outthe key factors, it is conclusive. So quantitative method is chosen.
The realiability of our method is to enlarge the sample scale and keep consistency of the measure.

And the results can be
repeated by other researchers following the same method.

The validbility can be tested once the key factors are changed.

this project has ethical consideration of improving everyone’s lifequality in a more economic way
data on time saving efficiency will also be collected
Data on cost will be modeled in the form of strategy wheel to show the comprehensive effect and the effect expectation generated by the data in Stockholm
Interviewees will be randomly selected from different target user groups.
mobile Internet and smartphone penetration, sufficient retailing purchase power, and sufficient potential market scale are the necessary conditions for successful QR Code Shops. The key factors are the busy degree of life, and the place cost and labour cost opportunity. The busy degree of life generates greatusers’ demand of the convenience QR Code Shops bring, and the place and labour cost opportunity are the great driving force for the retailers, which generate great benefits.

The slow development of QR Code Shops in Sweden results from the insufficient rate of QR Code awareness, the insufficient market scale, and the relatively casual lifestyle.
Result and Conclusion
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