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Out of my mind book report

My book report about my book out of my mind. Its about a girl with cerebral palsy and she wants to be treated normaly

Jackie Crowell

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Out of my mind book report

Out Of My Mind By: Sharon Draper Main character Setting Central conflict Climax Resolution Initiating event Theme Melody A wheelchair represents
Melody because she lives her life
in one. Melody has a disability
called cerebral palsy. This is where
her brain won't tell her muscles
to move. Spaulding Elementary is were most of the story
takes place. Melody goes to school there and
learns with the others that have disability's. She
also tries out for Whiz kid team and she makes it!! They have a tournament and they go to finals in Washington but the rest of the team leaves her behind. Everything gets solved
when Melody goes to school
and faces her fears. She is
wondering what everyone thinks
of her. she also wonders why the
team left her instead of notifying her
that the team was leaving. She also
learns that her sister is okay. The school is where
she goes to resolve
her problems. The central
conflict is nobody likes melody they think she is weird because she is in a wheelchair The media talker symbolizes Melody because she needs to use one so she can talk. This is the reason the students make fun of her. This story also follows Flowers for Algernon, they both have disability's and get made fun of. The initiating event is Melody being born with cerebral palsy The brain symbolizes Melody's brain. Her Cerebral palsy is the start of everybody making fun of her. The kids make fun of her because she is in a wheelchair and they think its weird. When the team for the whiz kid team apologized i knew things would get better for Melody. When she got home from that day she was all better. Her sister was going to be okay and everything from there on out was better. The theme is persistence. If you fall of your horse don't stop trying try until you get it right . Melody kept trying until she got what she wanted. She wanted to be on the whiz kid team and the teacher wouldn't let her, but Melody kept trying. Finally the teacher let her try and she passed without missing a single question. Melody kept trying and she made it. A computer symbolizes the setting. This symbolizes the setting because a computer represent present day and a school. Melody spends most of the time at school.
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