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My Biology project on living things with a spine.

Christine Fulgham

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Vertabrates

Vertabrates Fish Amphibians Reptile Rodent Fish have a spine cold blooded scaly skinned breath with lungs have 3 to 4 chambered hearts breath through their lungs thier entire lives hibernate when the weather is not right for them sheds skin have a hard enamel on the front of their teeth Incisors continue to grow throughout thier lives most have four toes on the front feet and five toes on the back feet a large portion are nocturnal live in the water have only two incisors on the top jaw and two on the bottom the incisors are used for gnawing Mammals Birds some examples include Blue Jays and Hawks They breath using lungs. They have wings but not all of them are able to fly. Penguins and Emus for examples They have a spine! Amphibians A frog is an example Live the first part of their lives in water and then move to land The skin is a very important part of their respiratory system So is a salamander Hard bones Have a spine DUH! Breath using gills But some like the african lungfish
have lungs Fish have intestines and stomachs some fish carry thier babies inside their bodies and then give birth to live young Some lay eggs that are fertilized outside of the body The ones that fly have hollow bones so they are lighter. feed their young milk live young They have a small and large intestines they have a brain Lay eggs Complex system of air sacs in lungs Four chambered heart lay eggs 3 chambered heart Humans Bare children who need care for the longest of any animal. can feed their young with their own milk ONLY THE FEMALES! shed their skins periodically Whales are considered mammals too. Breath with lungs. Thanks For Watching!!! Presentation by: Christine Fulgham
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