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History of Electronic Music primer

Brian Comerford

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of UCD-Fodel

(the really, really short version) History of Electronic Music Pioneering (1878-1968)
Turntable to Switched-On Bach Three distinct periods "Flow Coma" 808 State featuring
A Guy Called Gerald Techno It started in Detroit,
with Kraftwerk - I mean... Moby teaches us to make a track DJs, Composers, or what? Rooms to Racks, Synths to Soft-Synths Electronic Music Today Last.FM Resources Formative (1969-1989)
Oscillators, Prog Rock to
Industrial, Acid House Popularized (1990-present)
Samplers, Digital Circuits
& Generation Ecstasy Walter/Wendy Carlos Moog Synthesizer Edison Home Phonograph Evolution of the Turntable (there are lots) Major Figures Mixtur-Trautonium A director of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, NYC Buchla (vs. Moog) Oskar Sala Vladimir Ussachevsky Musique concrete Morton Subotnick Experimental synth compositions Breakthrough Pauline Oliveros San Francisco school
Real-time delays & Minimalism San Francisco Tape Center Clara Rockmore John Cage Louis & Bebe Barron Otto Luening Edgard Varese Steve Reich Terry Riley Tod Dockstader David Tudor Laurie Spiegel Luc Ferrari Alvin Lucier Robert Ashley Raymond Scott David Behrman Charles Dodge Milton Babbitt Synthtopia.com CreateDigitalMusic.com Techno.org/electronic-music-guide Throbbing-gristle.com/ Allmusic.com MiniMoog Oscillator Console Two important elements:
1) EM before & after FC
2) U.S. Midwest/European fusion Prog Rock (for better or for worse) Pink Floyd Genesis Gong Hawkwind Yes King Crimson Emerson Lake & Palmer Rush Electric Light Orchestra Mike Oldfield United Kingdom North America Europe Tangerine Dream Faust Neu! Can Goblin Jethro Tull The Soft Machine Area Todd Rundgren Popul Vuh Japan Osamu Kitajima Frank Zappa Styx New Wave Talking Heads Eno/Bowie New Order (and Post-Punk) Bernard Sumner,
Joy Division / New Order Duran Duran Japan Soft Cell Ultravox Roxy Music Joy Division Blondie Devo The Cars Gary Numan Modern English The Psychedelic Furs The Cure The Glove Disco & Technopop Giorgio Moroder Jean-Marc Cerrone the Rise of Producers & DJ Culture Kraftwerk Yellow Magic Orchestra Depeche Mode Yazoo Heaven 17 Human League Erasure OMD Pet Shop Boys Eurythmics David Mancuso
(the Loft) Industrial Throbbing Gristle Psychic TV Chris & Cosey Coil Conspiracy Int'l Project Legendary Pink Dots Skinny Puppy Front Line Assembly Current 93 Cabaret Voltaire Front 242 Meat Beat Manifesto Nurse With Wound SPK Revolting Cocks NON Z'ev Nine Inch Nails Nitzer Ebb Die Warzau KMFDM BT Sasha Richie Hawtin Mike Pickering ("Music workers") "Electronic music is the
next stage on from Punk." Pierre Henry VintageSynth.com Scott Electronium, 1959 Columbia-Princeton Electronic
Music Center, 1951 RCA Mark II Synthesizer, 1955 Buchla 100 Synthesizer, 1963 House Acid House Major Figures (Detroit) Belleville Three Plus 8 Underground Resistence Juan Atkins (Metroplex) Derrick May (Transmat) Kevin Saunderson (KMS) "Mad" Mike Banks Jeff Mills Robert "Noise" Hood Daniel Bell Jochem Paap John Acquaviva Richie Hawtin Mark Gage Anthony Shakir Suburban Knight Drexciya Alan Oldham Blake Baxter Eddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes AUX 88 Stacey Pullen Kenny Larkin Major Figures (Chicago & NYC) Playground / Warehouse Paradise Garage Major Figures (UK/Europe) DJ Pierre/Phuture Jack Frost Mr. Lee Jungle Bros. Marshall Jefferson Farley Jackmaster Funk Adonis Maurice Ralphie Rosario Steve 'Silk' Hurley Larry Levan Tony Humphries Junior Vasquez Masters at Work Afrika Bambaataa Todd Terry Joey Beltram Atomic Babies Frankie Bones Adam X Jungle Bros. LFO Bizarre Inc The Prodigy Adamski Nexus 21 / Altern8 The KLF Hardfloor Sweet Exorcist DJ Hell The Shamen Orbital S'Express Psychic TV Bomb the Bass Maurizio Game Change TR-808 TB-303 Hip Hop Rave The Hot Mix 5 DJ Ken Collier The Electrifying Mojo Rise of the Disc Jockey (Todd's, Detroit) (WBMX, Chicago) (WJLB, Detroit) Kenny "Jammin" Jason Scott "Smokin" Silz Mickey "Mixin" Oliver Ralphi "Rockin" Rosario Farley "Funkin" Keith featuring on-air regular, "The Wizard" Styles Italo Disco Boogie Electro Funk House Techno Garage ...genre explosion! In a realm of innovators, how do you pick just one? Borrow vs Build (the new age of Sampling) (The New Tools) Granular Synthesis, Microsound USB Controllers, Mobile Devices ...what's next? Synergy Kansas
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