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Teens and their violent videogames

Health Project

Chloe Chang

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of Teens and their violent videogames

Teens and Violent Video Games
Health Triangle:
How it is affected
Children who repeatedly play brutal video games learn thought patterns that stick with them and influence their behavior

It doesn't matter the age, or gender When you play violent video games, you practice being attentive for enemies, you practice thinking that it's acceptable to respond aggressively to provocation

Teens who play violent video games tend to eat more and cheat more.

It can also leave you morally immature
Jennifer, Jaslyn, Emma, and Chloe

How violent video games affect social health:
Become less sensitive to others
More likely to act aggressively or in harmful ways.
Social health: The ability to have good relationships and to communicate well with others.
Getting Help
How is this affected?

Statistics show that teens that play mature rated games are more likely to get in a fight or get in trouble.
However, video game sales are going up while reported crime rates are going down.
There are many ways you can get help if you feel violent video games are making a negative impact on your life.
ESRB Ratings
Physical health is being physically fit with exercise, diet, and sleep.
Gaming may also cause one to sleep less and eat more snacks.
You should try to limit M+ and AO games.
How is this affected by
violent video games?
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Mental health is your ability to cope with stress, handle your emotions, and have good self-esteem
How is this affected by violent video games?
Treatment Center
If you want to get advice from a actual treatment center, you can google "
The Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery
" or call them at
. They have a special program and advice for violent video game addiction.
Gamers that are addicted to video games may become socially awkward; it might be harder for a gamer to communicate well with others and/or have relationships.
You can get help from your parents, teachers, counselors, or other places.
Video game addiction can result in little to no time of getting exercise outside.
On March 26, 2014, a teenage boy named
Eldon Samuel III was suspected of killed his brother and his dad
He had admired a character named Trevor in the
violent video game "Grand Theft Auto V"
Eldon had also admitted that he had planned the family's murder for 8 months.
The father was killed by three shots, once in the face, once in the head, and once in the gut. Eldon's little brother was wounded by being shot 4 times and stabbed with a large knife. Then, Eldon killed the brother by striking him with a machete 30 times. Grandparents later on confessed that
Eldon had a symptom that siginfied declining mental health: He tortured animals for fun.
After being interviewed by the police, Elton claimed that he sort of regretted his dad's death, but
was happy about his brother's death.
Eldon also told the judges that his father often beat him up. Unless they can prove that his father really did beat him up ofter, Eldon Samuel III will be sentenced the jail.
These games are intended for young children.
This can be played by everyone of all ages.
Games with these ratings may contain mild violence and language.
A violent video gamer may have little empathy and will see no reason to not harm others. They lose a sense of what is right and what is wrong.
When you create an on-line "avatar" for yourself it allows someone to pretend to be someone else.
Making avatars can decrease someone's self-esteem.
Thanks for watching
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