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schooled- Capricorn Anderson

No description

kayla connelly

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of schooled- Capricorn Anderson

internal characteristic traits:
smart external characteristic traits:
Blue eyes
long/blonde hair character trait evidence:
forgiving- He
is forgiving because
every time Naomi and Zach
did something to him he
never got mad he always
forgave them. characteristic trait evidence:
He is smart because
he knew that when Mr. Rodrigo
was on the ground something
was wrong so drove the bus to the hospital
even though he does not have a drivers liscense
he did the right thing. character trait evidence:
Cap has blue eyes, he
has blue eyes because his
mom and dad gave him the
genes of having blue eyes. characteristic trait evidence:
Capricorn Anderson has long/blonde
hair because when he lived in Garland
their was nothing there. Except houses
and farmland so he didn't have a barber
shop or stuff that we have in our every
day life. Unless you wanted to have
a long drive to get groceries or go to
the doctors or the barber shop they basically
lived their whole life in garland and never left. characteristic trait evidence:
cap is kind because he may
not know what 8th grade
president means but even
if he did he wouldn't do
anything to hurt anyone
he is non-violent and doesn't
judge people. Capricorn Anderson-> hippie mobile->
flower power!! <- the book
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