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Lesson on Advertising

Sean Tyler

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of Advertising

ADVERTISING Aims and Objectives Closely study an advertisement for Chanel No. 5, concentrating on the genre, narrative, representations, and target audience. Consider the use of celebrity in advertising Consider advertising regulation and the impact of controversial advertising through an exploration of an advert. What is the preffered reading of this advertisement? What would a negotiated reading of this advertisement be? What is an oppositional reading of this advertisement? Chanel No. 5 To advertise basically means to ‘draw attention to something’. Advertising is the driving force in commercial media It is designed to bring about a response that could be in the form of a purchase, a change of attitude or a change in behaviour.

'Television’s aim is not to create programmes for an audience; It’s to create an audience for advertising'

Jean-Luc Godard The Legend of Chanel No 5

The creation and conception of this perfume is surrounded by many myths legends, to which creators Coco Chanel and Ernest Beaux contributed to considerably.
- created by a mixing error of Beaux's assistant.

- was inspired by Beuax's military station during the Russian Civil War with the intention to capture the scent of extreme freshness of the northern lakes under the midnight sun. 1,2,3, Debate! Why do products advertise in the media? (1 minute) How do products target the intended audience?
(2 minutes) What function does advertising fulfill in the commercial media?
(3 minutes) After the success of Moulin Rouge (2001) Chanel brought the winning combination of Nicole Kidman (star) and Baz Luhrmann (director) to the campaign for its upmarket perfume, Chanel No. 5. KEY TERM

= the variety of ways in which media and other texts interact with eachother, rather than being unique or distinct. Greatly used now because of the large variety of media forms and audiences' familiarity with them “This is No 5: The Film, a three-minute movie or the world’s most expensive advertisement, depending on your stance… The film to revolutionise advertising” [Sunday Telegraph, article by Charlotte Edwardes 22 November 2004] Watch Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Chanel No. 5 advertisement, featuring Audrey Tautou. What does the producer do to promote the product to the target audience?
(45 minutes) KEY TERM

INTERTEXTUALITY Jigsaw Activity At £18 million, it is certainly a first in terms of budget. Kidman’s £2 million fee alone is equal to the entire cost if the Oscar nominated 1995 film Trainspotting. An advert is made up of:

- visual codes
- technical codes
- genre
- narrative conventions

This serves to construct a line of appeal to deliver messages about the brand image. Do you agree (green) or disagree (red)with the statement. Advertising gives the consumer choice to decide what products to buy. Advertising creates jobs and encourages consumers to spend money so therefore is good for the economy. Advertising helps to reinforce negative stereotypes. Advertising creates an unhealthy appetite for things that you wouldn't otherwise want. Associating a product with a celebrity creates a positive reaction in people. Advertising seeks to target audiences and exploit them. KEY TERM



= a unique and identifiable mark which serves to differentiate competing products or services.

It helps to create a realtionship between the consumer and the product/service Complete a written exam question on the subject
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