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Copy of Marriage Is a Private Affair by Chinua Achebe

Emily, Jazmin, Jocelyn, Alan, Pricilla, Kevin

Kelley McLauchlan

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Marriage Is a Private Affair by Chinua Achebe

Synopsis Characterization Connections Authorcraft Themes Implications *what does the story say to us about the human conditon*
- Older people stay with old traditions.
- When one is in love, nothing can stop them.
- True love can be powerful.
- People disobey when they want something.
- As much as we love our parents, we will disobey at least once The story is told in third person "I can't-we must- I mean it is impossible for me to marry Nweke's Daughter." "Impossible? Why?" asked his father. "I don't love her." "Nobody said you did. Why should you?" he asked. "Marriage today is different..."
pg. 988, lines 53-58 "From that night the father scarcely spoke to his son. He did not, however, cease hoping that he would realize how serious was the danger he was heading for. Day and night he put him in his prayers."
pg. 989, lines 92-95 "When Nene read through this letter and looked at the mutilated picture, her eyes filled with tears, and she began to sob."
pg. 990, lines 134-135 "Okeke was trying hard not to think of his two grandsons. But he knew he was now fighting a losing battle. . . .That night he hardly slept, from remorse-and a vague fear that he might die without making it up to them."
pg. 991, lines 174-175 & 180-181 Focused Free Write:

Growing up means learning to make your own decisions but parents are often reluctant to let go of their authority. In the traditional culture that Chinua Achebe portrays in "Marriage Is A Private Affair", even adults are expected to get parental approval for some big decisions.

How involved should parents be in their adult children's decisions? QUIZ!!! Okeke, starts to feel “the resolution he had built up over so many years falling in”
"just when the sky becomes overcast with clouds and rain falls, “accompanied by thunder and lightening."
This change in season marks a change in mood in the story; it marks the point where the character experiences an epiphany.
Nature is impressively used to symbolize Okeke’s realization that he could not leave his poor innocent grandchildren “standing sad and forsaken under the harsh angry weather – shut out from his house” omniscient
This person does not interact with the characters, or the events that are laid out in the story.
Throughout the story the reader can trust that the narrator will give an unbiased view of the story.
The narrator does not add any other views, interests or colors to the story. "Marriage is a Private Affair"
Verbal Irony In this story, who do you think sees marriage as a private affair? Who does not? Nnaemeka and Nene see it as a private affair. When Nnaemeka told his father that he did not love Ugoye Nweke, he showed that his marriage his rightly his decision, and he has the right to marry his beloved (Nene). Conflict between traditional and modern ways
Need for understanding in a family
The price of stubborness - hurts the stubborn person and the people he is ignoring Setting:
Lagos, Nigeria – a modern city and in An Igbo village in Nigeria
Resolution :
Okeke realizes that the time for change has come.
Strange, strong storm brings rain to the village, while reading the letter.
Okeke stubborn feelings have been softened by his Nene's concern and love for her children and her wish for them to meet their grandfather.
Okeke feels a sense of remorse and hope to live a better life with his family.
•Nnaemeka from an Igbo village meets Nene, Ibibio woman in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

•Nene wants Nnaemeka to send a letter to Okeke telling him of their engagement.

•Nnaemeka is hesitant because he knows his father has already arranged for him to marry Ugoye Nweke, Igbo woman from his village, in accordance with traditional customs.

•Instead, he goes home to the village to inform his father in person. Rising Action
External conflict
Person against person – Okeke and Nnaemeka oppose each other in deciding whom Nnaemeka should marry. Okeke refuses to acknowledge the young woman that his son loves. Okeke cuts Nene's picture out of the wedding photo and sends it back to them.

Person against society – initially, the whole village agrees with Okeke that marrying outside of one’s tribe is dangerous, that sons should not arrange their own marriages, and the people from the village who visit the city treat Nene overly politely. Nene –
fiancée and later the wife of Naemeka
from the Ibibio tribe
educated at the university and is a school teacher
modern young Nigerian woman who wants to be accepted by her husband’s father.
Nnaemeka –
young Nigerian man from the Igbo tribe
moved to the city of Lagos and has fallen in love with Nene
realizes that his father will not approve of his marriage but he goes ahead and marries the woman he loves.
Okeke – Nnaemake’s father; very religious; a rule follower;
believes in traditional view that marriages should be arranged by the families, people should never marry outside of their own tribe
most dynamic character in the story and undergoes the greatest change
Ugoye Nweke
woman that Naemeka’s father has arranged for him to marry
an amazon girl
least dynamic character "Have you thought of consulting a native doctor about your son?" he asked Nnaemeka's father. "He isn't sick" was the reply. "What is he then? The boy's mind is diseased and only a good herbalist can bring him back to his right senses. The medicine he requires is Amalile, the same that women apply with succes to recapture their husband's straying affection"
pg. 989-990, lines 110-114 What is the irony of the story's title? The Implications that it give us today:
-Dedicate to what you want
-If you truly love something or someone, fight for it.
-Don't let your parents stop you from marrying the one you love, unless they have a point.
-Fight for what you want.
-Do not give up. "Marriage is a Private Affair" By: Chinua Achebe Marriage is a formal bond between two people, who promise to love and have a relationship with each other to the exclusion of others.

An "affair" in this context is a relationship between two people by definition outside of wedlock, and is often the term applied when someone is breaking their marriage vows and having a relatioship with a third party i.e. Having an "Affair"

Therefore the author is being ironic by calling "marriage a private affair" as it is not an "affair" in the above context at all, and using the other sense of the word affair (eg affairs of state) justified by the word private. Companion Piece:
Babysitting Helen by Kathy Stinson Jocelyn Cepeda
Emily Delgado
Jazmin Mendoza
Kevin Pinaroc
Priscilla Ruan
Alan Wernick Group 4
2A Internal Conflict:
Okeke refuses to forgive his son and to acknowldge Nene.
For years stubborness is the only feeling inside Okeke's soul. Climax:
Okeke receives a letter from Nene, begging him to accept a visit from the family. She is willing to stay in the city by herself as long as he meets the family. Point of View: Works Cited: What is the main idea of the story? On the other hand, Okeke, Nnaemeka's father, found that marriage was not by choice but by chance. If a particular is from the Ibo tribe, then she was eligible to marry. Works Cited Even though Helen is old and has a short term memory, she still remembers her husband.

Just like Nnaemeka had to fight for his love, Nene.

Both pieces portray the theme: fighting for feelings and love conquers all. http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/resources/global-etiquette/mexico-country-profile.html http://www.indiaforever.org/people-of-india.html http://www.gradesaver.com/author/chinua-achebe/ http://www.notablebiographies.com/A-An/Achebe-Chinua.html#b http://ferenc.biz/pictures/nigerian-makeup-artist-omolola-davies.jpg http://www.starobserver.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/web-nigeria-flag.jpg The prose is simple and hauntingly beautiful. Sympathy and stubborness can cause hatred and hurt.
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