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Dell, Inc., in 2005: A Winning Strategy?

Final presentation of Dell marketing plan for MKT 464, Cleveland State University

Molly McGrew

on 25 August 2011

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Transcript of Dell, Inc., in 2005: A Winning Strategy?

Dell, Inc., in 2005:
A Winning Strategy? robert bosler
molly mcgrew
jackie sommers
vladimir rodzianko Current Situation, 2005 Economic Impact
Social Trends
Technological Innovations
Industry Trends What business are we in? Competitive Analysis. Hewlett-Packard
Gateway Dell, Inc. Developments Marketing
Plan Marketing Challenges Declining Sales
Market Share Depletion
Lack Innovation Marketing Objectives
Grow Product Line
Enter Developing Markets (BRIC) Target Markets MARKETING MIX PRODUCT & SERVICE PROMOTION PLACE PRICE Implementation Timeline Personnel Involved Advertising Global Presence Outcome
Evaluation Probable Outcome
Marketing Objective Evaluation
Moving Forward Thank you Questions
Comments Positioning Statement For PC users, Dell is the computer producer that delivers customized, made to order products and services, because only Dell is able to keep costs low while providing value to all customers.
global enterprises
large & midsize companies
small companies
health care businesses
federal agencies
state, local agencies
educational instutions
individual consumers
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