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Princess Diana Presentation

No description

Alex Fornek

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Princess Diana Presentation

Princess Diana:
The Story of a Princess by: Alex Fornek She was a pretty well-known person and the paparazzi were always trying to get pictures of her, she died in a car crash when the paparazzi were chasing her at high speeds, trying to get pictures of her with Al-Fayad. She left two sons and a wonderful career behind as well. Childhood ~ born on July 1, 1961
~ she was the daughter of Frances Roche and Lord Althorp
~ her parents got divorced when she was young
~ her father got full custody of her and her siblings
~ went to Riddlesworth Hall at Diss, Norfold
~ had a passion for swimming, tennis, hockey, and ballet
~ honored for winning numerous swimming competition
~ at school she had a talent for music, dancing and domestic science
~ she lived next door to Prince Charles, whom later became her husband Adult years ~she became a kindergarten teacher at the Young England School in Pamilico
~she married Prince Charles at the age of 20
~the Royal Wedding took place on July 29, 1981, in Saint Paul's Cathedral, London Career ~she helped many charities and was the face of most of them
~she visited people who were sick and had HIV and AIDS
~she was the first celebrity to be photographed holding hands with someone who had HIV/AIDS
~experts credited her with removing the idea that AIDS/HIV were contracted from skin contact Thesis Diana's Death ~she was chased by the paparazzi at a high speed chase
~ the driver of the car was intoxicated and had extremely high levels of alcohol in his system
~the driver, Al-Fayed, and Diana all died in the car crash
~ the only one to survive was Diana's bodyguard
~she died August 21, 1997 After the divorce ~ she had adapted an eating disorder when her marriage with Prince Charles was no longer becoming a fairy tale story
~she divorced Prince Charles in 1995
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the poor and how she also helped those who had
HIV and AIDS disease, she was a strong supporter of charities. She was a pretty well-known person and wanted to know more about her. Why did I choose Princess Diana?
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