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The Skin I'm In Prezi


Taylor Compton

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of The Skin I'm In Prezi

The characters in The Skin I'm In have many problems: Middle school boys and girls dealing with puberty, not having any hope that they're going to get on the right track.
Maleeka not having any hope that Char is going to stop bullying her
No hope for Char ever having a good home life with Ju Ju
No hope that Miss Saunders and Maleeka are going to get along
There's no hope that Caleb will like Maleeka
John-John having no hope to accept Maleeka
No hope for Maleeka's mom to get over the loss of her husband
No hope for Char treating her society the right way
Maleeka doesn't have hope of liking herself The
In By: Sharon G. Flake Here are some of the characters in this book: Maleeka Madison is a 13 year old seventh grade girl who lives with her poor mom (her dad died) and gets made fun of all of the time. Miss Saunders is an ugly new teacher at McClenton Middle School that nobody likes. Caleb is a cute, smart poet that Maleeka likes. Charlese is a bully and the most popular girl in school who lives with her older sister (both parents died), and she lends her clothes to Maleeka if she does her homework for her. John-John McIntyre is a short fat boy who makes fun of Maleeka... but he kinda likes her. Maleeka's momma's grieving, and sews Maleeka clothes to ease her pain from the death of her husband. Ju-Ju is a druggy that raises her younger sister, Char, and hires her to serve guests at her wild parties. Tai is an Asian teacher with long black hair. Desda is a short, fat, lazy girl who is paired up with Maleeka during a homework assignment. Akeelma is a slave girl that Maleeka writes about in her stories who is not afraid of anything. At first things seem hopeless, but at the end, education is Maleeka's only hope. Here is
the plot of
The Skin I'm In: RISING ACTION: 1. Miss Saunders comes to McClenton Middle School, and there's no hope that Maleeka will like her because she's rude to her. 2. Miss Saunders pairs Maleeka and Desda up for a writing assignment, but Desda doesn't do anything, so Miss Saunders gives hope to Maleeka by inspiring her to write. 3. Maleeka gets in a fight and has to work in the office, but she has hope now because she's away from Char. 4. Maleeka's caught smoking with hopeless Char in the bathroom, not doing work in the office. CLIMAX:
Maleeka and Char destroy Miss Saunder's classroom, and Maleeka seems hopeless when she gets in trouble from her mom. 1. Char tries to be hopeful when she threatens Maleeka not to tell on her for destroying Miss Saunder's classroom. 2. John-John gets beat up, and has hope when Maleeka saves him... but then the boys that beat John-John up turn on Maleeka, and she's hopeful when Caleb saves her. 3. Momma finally cries about her husband, and has hope of getting through it. 4. Maleeka stands up to Char with hope, like Akeelma would. 5. John-John finds hope and accepts Maleeka. RESOLUTION: All of the middle school kids find hope and grow up a little bit. Char has hope moving to Alabamba with her grandparents away from Ju Ju. Miss Saunders and Maleeka had hope, and they finally got along. Maleeka and Caleb had hope, and are
going out now. John-John finally gets over his hopeless
grudge against Maleeka, and accepts her. Momma had hope, and finally cried and coped with the death of her husband. Maleeka had hope and
loves the skin she's in. 8-6
Taylor Compton
November 17, 2012
G THE SKIN I'M IN http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=44904&title=Inspiration
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