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Hero's Journey - Spider-Man

No description

David Lomax

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Hero's Journey - Spider-Man

Joseph Campbell
Believed that myths contain deep truths about human experience
Described the "mono-myth" which gets repeated over and over The Hero's Journey Stage one:
The Ordinary World An ordinary life
A place of peace Stage Two:
The Call to Adventure Stage Three:
The Refusal of the Call The Hero has fears or insecurities
The Hero prefers the safe haven of the Ordinary World
The refusal demonstrates the risks involved in the Journey or the present moral failings of the hero
Each call and refusal escalates the stakes until the Hero has no choice but to accept Stage Four:
Meeting the Mentor The Mentor provides confidence, insight, advice, training, or magical gifts
The Mentor may not be a person. It could be an object or an inner force such as a code Something disrupts the ordinary world
This can be an event or an actual messenger delivering a call Stage Ten
The Refusal of the Return Why go back to ordinary life when you have such power?
The hero resists the pull of the real world Stage Eight:
Meeting the Goddess The hero meets a wise or inspiring female figure
Sometimes this figure will be a love interest, but sometimes she merely gives aid or advice Stage Seven:
The Road of Trials The Hero faces a series of challenges or enemies Stage Five
The Belly of the Whale The hero reaches a low point
Probably the result of refusing the call The hero moves into a life of adventure Stage Six:
Crossing the Threshold Sometimes this is the hero's real father
Sometimes it is a dark, false father figure Stage Nine:
Meeting the Father The hero returns to the real world with the insight or magic
The world is now better off Stage Eleven:
Magical Flight The hero finds balance between the world of adventure and an ordinary life
This is often equated with emotional health Stage Twelve:
Crossing the Return Threshold Separation Initiation Return
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