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No description

Ruth Cann

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of ACE

Number 1
The comic strips.

There are very interesting comic strips with characters to show real life situations and add humour to the paces.
Number 3
The learning.

By doing ACE, students will learn so many interesting things and facts, like how to write cursively and all the brilliant information offered in these paces.
Number 4
The self discipline.

By working through the ACE paces, students will learn to discipline themselves, work hard and thoroughly, and to finish their goals. This will help them later in life.
Number 2
The goals.

ACE helps you to set goals and achieve them, helping you to set goals in real life.
goal chart
Number 5
The Christian aspect.

ACE is a brilliant way of helping young people to be better Christians. The paces include memory verses and Bible stories and of course the comic strips. All of these things help children to see that they should be obedient and work diligently as well as other things. The memory verses help children learn the Bible as do the Bible stories.
cursive writing
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