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Whores and Goddesses

Archetypical Domain of Inara Serra

Alyssa Renee Ternes

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Whores and Goddesses

The Archetypal Domain of Inara Serra Whores and Goddesses Inara Serra What is a Companion? History of the Companion What it means to be a Companion Continued... How a Companion fits on Serenity Inara's Philosophy Trained to be a Companion on Xenon
She was a skilled trainer herself, but left for mysterious reasons
Highly educated in many ways, including some weapons
Rents space on Serenity at lower than Mal's asking price because she brings class and legitimacy to the crew P. 114 "Inara successfully stratddles the juiciest memes of recent history." Ancient Greece had a similar creation story A companion has many faces Inarra and Zoe contain a woman's most intense aspects;
beauty, seductiveness, passion, eroticism, wisdom
bravery, strength, and feirceness People don't belong to other people Prostitute Whore Geisha Renaissance Courtesan Priestess Kali was divided into two lesser gods to diminish her power. Ishtad and Innana were Kali's Summarian and Akkadian guises. People who worshiped these forms of Kali believed in Karuna, a sacred ritual using priestesses bodies as portals to reach the Gods. Aphrodite was demoted into lesser Gods;
Aphrodite Porne - which later designated prostitutes
Hetaera - translates literaly into companion Teayuu were close to modern day Geishas. They had many rights such as rejecting suitors and training new members Teacher Healer Wise Woman Confidant Lover Every member of Serenity is running from something Every Member of Serenity is searching for something; Freedom One cannot always be one's self in the company of men. Written by Joy Davidson
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