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My Map

All about me

Victoria Angulo

on 27 January 2012

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Transcript of My Map

Destination Vicki consult a good road map or ask someone who knows the way Motivations Victoria M. Angulo My big brother is someone I really look up to. He has accomplished so many things and has all the attributes I wish I could have- hardworking, patient, strong and devoted. I hope one day I can accomplish half the things he's done. Viva Powersports Viva Powersports is a motorcycle store. This place is my second home, because I work full time there. It's a pretty cool job, I don't mind it. I was born in Lake Havasu City, Arizona on the 18th of June. I moved to El Paso when I was about 6. I graduated from MVHS in 2011 and now some last minute faith in myself got me in UTEP.

A little about myself...
I love playing tennis, reading, cooking, photography, hiking, texting, long walks, music, rock climbing, and just killing time with people I love. Hobbies I'm really shy, but once you really get to know me its hard to shut me up, ha. I trust way too easily and start thinking that the clouds are made out of cotton candy and get my little bubble of happiness and "I think I can fly feeling", popped. Weaknesses Strengths My strength is in God. I have a lot of days where I feel like giving up and I feel like I'm drowning in a cup of water. I just turn on some music and start praying and all the chaos seems to dissapear. My family is made up of Mom, Dad, Samuel and David. I am the middle child and the only girl. I love these punks so much. We have never taken a family picture, so this is me and my little brother. Family *Thee End* *Climb K2
* Finish school
*Be a better salesperson, be less shy
*Go skydiving
My Goals
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