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Copy of Copy of Copy of The World of Construction

No description

Maria Micarelli Cantada

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of The World of Construction


The Protech Construction seeks to conduct itself internally as an organization, externally as a company and as an ongoing active member of the local community. We will continue to meet the changing needs of our clients through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.


To continue an efficient construction company working with an ethical and balance manner and a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community together in making our clients dream become a reality.

“Your partner in building the structures and infrastructures of tomorrow.”

PROTECH CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. A construction firm formerly known as SARDS Construction, profess to be the partner of contractors, project consultants, and property owners/ investors in building the structures and infrastructures of tomorrow. SARDS believes that building structures whether it is for personal or investment purposes entails risks. One however may be able to contain such risk if a Safe And Reliable Design and Structure will be ensured. This is what SARDS offers – safe and reliable design and structure at a cost that will not be discouraging. In simple terms, in SARDS we ensure “value for your resources”

While provincial based projects gave birth to SARDS Construction, the main mover behind SARDS decided that it is about time to move into the bigger market and compete head on with the Manila based construction industry players. Big and bold move as it is, SARDS believes that the Company could be of better service to Manila based contractors, project consultants and property owners/investors by coming in as alternative contractor that offers competitive services, delivers quality work at par with major players at a cost that is more suitable to the need of the owners. The company has always believed that quality services and output may also be affordable. Being a sole proprietor, and with meager resources, SARDS decided to seek for other incorporators, thus PROTECH CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION was born.

Company Profile

Sitio Bagong Anyo Brgy. Pagsawitan, Sta. Cruz, Laguna
Tel. No. (049) 501-2822/ Cel. No. 09176208931
Email Address: meosantacruz@yahoo.com


Date of Birth : June 21, 1963
Place of Birth : Pila, Laguna
Sex : Male
Nationality : Filipino
Religious Affiliation : Aglipayan (Phil. Independent Church)/
Roman Catholic
Civil Status : Married
Height : 5’7 ½”
Weight : 70 kg.
Tax. Account No. : 131-081-290
Pag-ibig : 040209101806
SSS No. : 03-8801937-3
GSIS No. : CM-333206

Engineer's Profile

Employer : Municipal Government of Sta. Cruz, Laguna
Address : Sta. Cruz, Laguna
Year Employed : May 1996 up to Present
Position Held : Municipal Engineer/Building Officials


Civil Engineer : Cert. No. 45062 Aug. 5, 1986

Junior Geodetic
Engineer : Cert. No. 1816 July 14, 1986


1. (PICE) Philippine Institute of Civil Engineer, Inc. Laguna Chapter, Charter No.97 (2000-2002 President/Life member)

2. (GEP) Geodetic Engineer of the Philippines, Inc. Regional Division IV, Laguna Chapter.

3. (LOPIC) Laymen Organization Philippines Independent Church
Sta. Cruz, Chapter

4. KIWANIS Club International (Laguna Capital) Sta. Cruz, Chapter

5. (MEAL) Municipal Engineer’s Association of Laguna (1997 - Founding President)

6. (PABO) Philippine Association’s of Building Official ( 2003-2011 National President)

7. Laguna Lakes Habitat for Humanity Foundation Inc.

8. DPWH National Building Codes of the Philippines P.D. 1096 (Life Member Board of Consultant)
1. Why Civil Engineering?
- Actually I never thought of being a Civil Engineer. It was my father’s choice because that time Civil Engineering was an in-demand course and only people who have the money can enroll that course. Honestly, my dream was to become a pilot but because of my Father, I followed him. But I never regret taking up the course because I learned a lot. If given a chance to study again, I will still take up Civil Engineering.

2. What are the responsibilities of Civil Engineer to the community?
- Civil Engineers have a big role in terms of development, private or government. In my office, projects that need to be budgeted, maintenance, program and even building permits were processed here. In private, the developments of subdivisions were also made by Civil Engineers.

3. What is the importance of Civil Engineer to the safety of the people?
- Safety is the number one thing to consider in building. Our purpose is to advice especially to those who are applying for jobs regarding in building. We can question the building permits submitted by professional Electrical Engineer, Architect, Civil Engineer, etc. But in the Code of Ethics Medium, you will just only note their flaws since they have different designs. In the past, we hold projects which have flaws in plan but now, it is not allowed to do so. Well of course, all of it is for the safety of the people.

4. How can a Civil Engineer helps in maintaining and improving our Environment?
- Materials nowadays are environment friendly. In design, some high rise buildings already have a tree inside to adopt in the environment. LED appliances also are now promoted to lessen the usage of electricity.

5. Do you prefer yourself as a successful Civil Engineer? How?
- You really can’t say that. For me being successful is just sitting and signing papers. But I must say I am, since I have a house, a car, I can supply my families needs and we can go abroad for vacation.

6. What qualifications must a Civil Engineer have?
- For students, you need to be industrious but make sure to balance your social life and life of being a student. Being industrious not only means to study all the time, you can still go to malls, go out with friends but make sure to allot time for study.

7. Things you still want to accomplish.

- In my work, I want development for the town of Sta. Cruz. I want to fix the drainage to prevent flooding. I also want to spend my years left before retirement in ensuring that my employees all have a stable job in the Municipal Government for the benefit of them and their family. In my family, I just want to secure enough money for our provisions. Even if I retired, my aim is still to help.

8. What is your greatest achievement as a Civil Engineer?
- In the government, we already made the market. Now, we are building evacuation center in the Duhat area, Slaughter houses, MRF and building codes. My projects were mostly for local government.

9. Why did you choose to serve the Government when in fact you can build your own construction firm?
- Actually, we have a private group owned by my Father. Mayor San Luis offered me to train in the municipal government; I just gave it a shot. I must say that there is a big difference when it comes to salary since I came from a private company. My salary back then was P4000 but it was okay since I am still unmarried. I enjoyed my work in the government because I was able to apply my knowledge to my work. Someone offered me to work abroad with a salary of P 500, 000 per month, I neglected that offer since my children is already graduating. I never needed that huge amount of money because I’m satisfied with my life and what I am now. I don’t have to be a millionaire, all I want is to supply my family’s needs.

10. What is the meaning of success for you?
- Success is when you can help other people. It is a give and take process. You don’t need to be rich to be successful. Success is being satisfied with your life. You may be successful but you’re sick. It should be balanced.

When Engineer JOVIE SARDUA was about to start a company named PROTECH CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (formerly known as Safe And Reliable Design and Structure SARDS) he encountered difficulties on how to get license and permits for them to be able to operate their firm.

• Engineer Jovie Sardua can ask for a consultation from their Municipality on how to get license and permits.
• He can ask some owners of a construction firm, on how they got their license.
• Hire an employee who can focus in their legality aspects such as permits and licenses.
• Get a business for your construction firm.

Engineer Sardua can hire personnel that can focus in their legality aspect such as permits and licenses. By this way he can save time that can be used for other company needs. Hiring a company attorney can fix all the legalities and some future problems. As an attorney they know how to fix this kind of situations so that you can lessen your problems.

Company Aspect
During the construction process they encountered some loss of their equipment’s. They should formulate some preventive measures on how to control it.

• They can prepare an inventory for every equipment and materials every week.
• Installation of adequate security fences and walls is a must to prevent unauthorized persons breaking in your premises.
• Install strong locks and complete package of CCTV cameras to guard their equipment’s.
• They should hire personnel that will guard and check the equipment’s and tools before and after usage.

They should hire personnel that will guard and check the equipment’s and tools before and after usage. By this way we can prevent some loss of equipment’s and can also act as an inventory for every time it is used. These employees should report regularly in order to make an inventory.

Marketing Aspect
Personnel Aspect
Some of the employees bring their personal problem at work that affects their performance which causes an error in their field works.

• Motivate them
• Give incentives such as bonus freebies or promotion to those workers with perfect attendance and good performance for them to perform their best.
• Give them a warning if they do it again you will deduct a part of their salary as a punishment
• Talk to them, if they continue doing this situation you have to hire other employee.

Give incentives to those workers or employees with good performance and perfect attendance. This way they will be motivated to work harder and perform well. You can give bonus freebies or promotion for their hard work.


to Caliraya
to Siniloan
Most Recent Project
Prepared by:

Group 5
Cagas, Cepriano Jr. G.
Cantada, Ma. Micarelli F.
Limlengco, Princess
Torres, Jonelyn L.

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