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Polt Diagram Gone

No description

Abigail Kopchinski

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Polt Diagram Gone

Gone By Michael Grant Exposition Inciting Incident Main Conflict Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Everyone over 15 years old dissapers or or "takes the "poof" as the children of the Fayz say. Then the students from Cotes academy go to the town and Caine institutes the beginning of a government and tries to take over. They are from Perdido Beach California. They find out that there is a three mile radius from the power plant that crates what the kids call the Fayz (Fallout Alley Youth Zone).
Sam is the Protagonist of the story. He has no dad and is from town.
Caine is the Antagonist of the story. He is adopted and is from Coates academy. A lot of the kids want Sam to take over and not Caine. This does not make Caine happy. He wants to be the most powerful person in the Fayz. Kids in the Fayz end up dead, starving, and there is complete mayhem. Sam knows that Caine can't take over. So he starts a fight with Caine in the Plaza near the church. This is on Sam's 15 birthday. Other kids start to help Sambecause they want him to win. Sam learns to beat the "poof" Caine runs away to find something very evil.
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