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Trick Photography

No description

Katie Conger

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Trick Photography

Trick Photography Find 20 different ways to make a trick photo
dealing with both people and objects.
Be Creative
Look Online Multiplicity Photo
http://www.digital-photography-tips.net/trick-photography.html monstorus food tiny person big feet levitating seasonal mix up reflections For some photo's multiple pictures may need to be taken.
***you may want to check out a tripod***
Other photos will need no photo layering when being edited.

** I want to see a good variety of techniques used to create these photos** 10 final edited photos using Photoshop and/ or Bridge

3- with people

3- with objects

1- Manipulated

3- Up to you Of these edited photos a short paragraph needs to accompany each one that includes:
1.) how you decided to take this image...was it the best angle, best composition, best coloring etc.
2.) why you chose this as one of your final photos
3.) how you edited it in Photoshop or bridge
4.) how you feel it turned out. Graded on:

Project worth 100pts

Work/Effort: 15pts

Contact Sheets: 20pts

Editing: 25pts

Elements and Principles of Design: 20pts

Paragraph Reflections: 20pts **These photos should be e-mailed to me (katie.conger@dnhcsd.org) before being edited**

Send me two jpeg images that have 10 photos on each (I want to see the deatil in the photos) (PSD 10x10 convert to jpeg and email) Ford's Invisible Car Trick Photography Ad Campaign
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