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Sales and Social Media: PB

This Prezi intends to show how the use of Social Media and its tools can be used to help you achieve your goals.

Jeff Brown

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Sales and Social Media: PB

Sales and Social Media It's not about you! Why a Social Media Strategy Matters Tools to Consider Online Resources for Further Learning You're in the Game: Now What? 5-Time Saving Takeaways Twitter Seesmic TweetDeck did you know video Blogs
Rich Media
Social Graph ...lest there be any doubt... PB & J or Oil and Water? thejeffbrown.me Twitter YouTube Flickr SlideShare Delicious StumbleUpon Facebook Plaxo LinkedIn bipguy.com The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are not necessarily those of HR, Corporate Executives, Founders, Board Members or the Tennessee Highway Patrol... DISCLAIMER: JetBlue Monitoring your brand and your competition, as well as participating in the conversation, leads to opportunities to interact and to solve problems. Chick-fil-A Another example of utilizing Twitter to handle customer service problems. Zappos Putting a very human touch on the shoe selling process. Southwest Airlines They're not just in the airline business. They're in the "make my trip memorable" business. That's all well and good, but
does it translate down to the
local level? YES! You aren't going to turn passive consumers into active trollers on the internet. Stephen Weiswasser, ABC We often ask, "What about a..."

Tactic X?
Tactic Y?
Tactic Z? Instead of Asking...

What's our goal?
How will we benefit?
Should we?
Can we add value? Social Media tools are not a one-size-fits all answer to what ails us. And many have incorrectly viewed the process of social media as "build it and they will come." So why does a social media strategy matter? Because in
the 21st Century...

every company is a... company! 1989 Facebook is more powerful than you think... They're engaging customers on their (customer's) turf, in their way, in order to help them solve problems, find information or simply engage them in valuable dialogue. In turn, they're turning customer relationships into a powerful competitive advantage. - Brian Solis It doesn't have to feel like a firehose. Does YouTube matter? You tell me... In one minute...
20 hrs of video are uploaded

4th biggest site in US...
Bigger than MySpace and Wikipedia

58 minutes...
Average time spent on YouTube Source: Nielson/NetRatings
(October 2007) - US audience But how does that apply to me? Observe "You will get what you want when you help enough other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar Part of this presentation will include viewing the web in real time. The presenter is not responsible for anything you see that may offend you. :-) Books I'd be reading to keep up with the changing times 'cause irrelevancy really sucks! http://search.twitter.com Twitter Clients
TweetDeck, Seesmic, echophone, Twitterrific, Twitter Search

RSS Aggregators
GoogleReader, feedly, iGoogle

Firefox Browser
Extensions/Add-Ons: FireShot, DownHelper, et al

Desktop, Web, Phone

Remember the Milk
To-dos in the Cloud AllTop
Trends, Sales, etc. Wanna stay on top of what's happening in your space? Go here.

Great for creating the perception you're a lot smarter than you are.

AllTop + SmartBrief = MarketingProfs.com Blogs that will rock your socks off! mashable.com






garyvaynerchuk.com (WARNING: Some videos may contain objectionable language. Not office friendly) - Brian Solis Some of the results of the survey I sent to you... Apparently, two-thirds of you don't see the value in reading blogs. It's not all daily dairies and "what I had for breakfast."
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