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Transitional Words and Phrases

Examples of words and phrases to use in a formal essay.

Grace Seiberling

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of Transitional Words and Phrases

To show
addition These transition words are best used to indicate elaboration. To give
examples These transition words are best used before specific examples. These transition words are used to indicate similarities To compare To contrast These transitions are used to indicate differences. To summarize
or conclude All in all
In conclusion
In other words
In short
In summary
On the whole
That is
To sum up To show
time These transition words are best used in descriptive writing using spatial organization. To show place
or direction To show a
relationship Accordingly
As a result
For this reason
Therefore Transitions connect words and ideas. They often tell you
what will be coming
next in an essay. Use a transition word in between thoughts in a paragraph. Use a transition phrase at the beginning of a new paragraph to create cohesion. Exit: 3,2,1
3: Transitions from your essay
2: Organizational patterns and corresponding transitions
1: One sentence Thesis Initially, Mara believes that freedom is worth any cost, yet as the plot unravels, she begins to think friendship and true love are much more important. While on Nekonkh's boat sailing to Thebes, Mara watches Sheftu leaning against The Silver Beetle's rail, and she is filled with conflicting emotions. "Mara turned away angrily, not wanting to look at him, not wanting to think of the fact that the price of her freedom was his destruction" (McGraw 60). Mara is slowly beginning to realize that sacrificing everything for freedom isn't as simple a choice as she once believed. In the beginning of the novel, Mara would have sacrificed Sheftu for her emancipation in a heartbeat. However, when Mara meets her master, Nahereh, in Thebes, she hesitates instead of snatching her freedom without remorse, as she once believed she would (McGraw 112). Mara, once firm in her convictions, is now experiencing a reluctance to turn Sheftu into Nahereh. She finds herself stalling instead; despite her vow to earn her freedom at all costs, Mara waivers in her determination because she is beginning to doubt her previous philosophy. Furthermore In addition Moreover Next Also Consequently Therefore, it is never a good idea to Rollerblade holding a pair of scissors. Also

In the same manner


Similarly Similarly, you should not poke a sleeping bear. It is also
a really, really bad idea. Despite However On the other hand Yet Conversely Transitional Words and Phrases For example In fact Specifically For instance To illustrate For instance, polar bears are notoriously bad tempered when poked on Facebook. On the other hand, there is limited wireless connectivity in
the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, so poke related maulings are not common. These transitions are best used in your last body or concluding paragraph to signal the end of a piece. Best used to signal time relationships. After Eventually Finally Meanwhile Simultaneously Initially, it seemed like a good idea to keep the platypus as a pet; we later discovered the platypus is venomous. opposite between below beside along As a result, we realized that we were better off with a gold fish as a pet.
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