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Lesson 2 - Bridging Conversation

No description

Megan Reed

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Lesson 2 - Bridging Conversation

Bridging Conversation
Consider and respond to the following questions:
What are the implications of our digital habits? What effects have you experienced as a result of your digital habits? Have you ever been sent an email containing a link and received a related advertisement?
How do you use digital technology?
You will be taking a survey to find out how you use digital technology. Surveys are a good way to gather information about what individuals think on a particular subject and that information can be turned into data. By analyzing the data, we can draw conclusions about our habits or generate questions about our habits.
Group Work
After you complete your survey, I will come around and put you in groups of four. Analyze the results of your survey while considering the following questions:
What categories did the questions consider?
Which of these categories take up the most of students' time?
What do students use their phones for most often?
Be prepared to do a group share out.
Essential Question:
What happens when your privacy is someone else's business?
The students will be able to identify implications of electronic exchanges and generate a list of questions they have about their use of digital technology.
We are going to use the results of our survey to start identifying problems caused by the use of digital technology.
Setting Purpose
Complete the survey on paper (handout 2A).
Write your answers down on the back of your survey (at the bottom where there is extra space).
Day 2
The students will be able to identify implications of electronic exchanges and generate a list of questions they have about their use of digital technology.
In the last lesson, we discussed the data we gathered from our survey. Today we are going to start thinking about the part of our task that asks for a problem associated with our use of digital technology.
Based on the data, what problems do you think we can foresee or anticipate that relate to our use of digital technology and social networking?
Handout 2B
Identify problems associated with digital communication.
Problem Solution

Someone posting a video of their friend doing something embarrassing or inappropriate on YouTube without their permission.

Fill in as many problems as you can based on the survey.
Final step...
Generate questions about the use of digital technology. Each pair must have three questions. Be prepared to share your questions with the class. I will record these questions and write them on chart paper and we will refer back to the questions as the module continues.
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