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Ender's Game

No description

Bryan Williams

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Ender's Game

Hero Journey Map Ender's Game Project The Return This is basically the falling action, where the hero realizes new things about him/herself and ties up loose ends. The Transformation/Revelation/
Atonement This is when the hero returns to his family/friends and goes back to a casual life. Bryan Williams
12/20/2012 The Call The call is when the hero is given the choice of changing their life. The call in Ender's Game is when Ender's monitor is taken off and he had to fight Stilson. The IF use this as his test to see if he is ready for Battle School. Chapter 1 - Ender's school The Threshold The threshold is when the hero crosses into the unknown. The threshold in Ender's Game is when Ender agrees to go to Battle School. This thrusts him into unknown territory and changes his life forever. Chapter 3 - Ender's house Challenges Challenges are what test and prepare the hero for
the Abyss. Ender's challenges are dealing with everything that happens at Battle School leading to his fight with Bonzo. Chapters 5-11 - Battle School The Abyss The abyss is the turning point in the hero's journey. The abyss in Ender's Game is when Ender beats two armies with his one, and Bonzo meets him in the bathroom with a group of his friends. Ender and Bonzo proceed to fight to the death. Ender ends up killing Bonzo and winning the fight. Chapter 12 - Battle School bathroom In Ender's Game this is when he goes to Commander School and defeats the Buggers. Chapter 13-14 - Commander School In Ender's Game this is after he defeats the Buggers. Valentine comes to Eros and tells him everything that has happened on Earth and they go to colonize the Buggers planet. Chapter 15 - Eros/Bugger planet I chose this picture for two reasons: Graff has to convince Ender to go to Battle School, and Ender is actually Graff's "Boss" because he is more important to the IF than Graff. blog.conversionconference.com aki-chaan.blogspot.com I chose this because walking into fog is like going into the unknown; you don't know what is ahead of you. The book starts off with Ender getting his monitor taken off. The next day, when Ender goes to school, Stilson (Ender’s bully) notices that Ender’s monitor was removed. This makes Stilson think he finally beat Ender up without the government knowing what he’s saying, so he and his friends gang up on him in the hallway. That causes Ender to fight back and eventually kill Stilson without knowing it. When Ender gets home his brother Peter makes fun of him for being a third and threatens to kill Ender. Then Colonel Graff comes to Ender’s house to see if Ender wants to go to Battle School. The only thing holding him back is his love for his sister Valentine, but his hate of Peter and Stilson convinces him he should leave Earth and go to Battle School.
As soon as the shuttle to Battle School launches, Ender gets picked on by another peer, Bernard. The moment Graff leaves the launchies alone; Bernard gets out of his seat and starts punching Ender in the head. Ender comes back by pulling Bernard’s arm and throwing him into a wall, which breaks his arm. Once Ender arrives at Battle School, he becomes friends with Alai which makes him feel a little better about leaving Earth. Shortly after arriving, Ender is promoted to Salamander army where he becomes friends with Petra Arkanian, but his new commander, Bonzo, hates him. Ender begins to become an unstoppable force in the battles, and gets promoted to commander of his own army. The teachers then start to change the rules of the battles. In Ender’s last battle he is faced against two armies, but still defeats them. This angers Bonzo so much that he starts a fight with Ender in the bathroom. Ender ends up winning the fight and getting promoted to Commander School.
Before Ender can go to Command School he goes back to Earth for a couple months contemplating if he wants to continue the training or not. This forces the IF to get his sister Valentine to convince him to go to Command School, where he is introduced to Mazer Rackham. Mazer makes Ender do simulated battles almost every day for many weeks. Until he is told he is fighting his last simulated mission before graduating. In this battle the odds are 1000 buggers to 1 of Ender’s troops, but he manages to win the battle. Upon victory Ender is confused by all the emotions of the spectators before they tell him it was a real battle and he killed all the Buggers. After the Bugger War is over pandemonium breaks out between countries on Earth.
The pandemonium forces Valentine to join Ender in space. After she fills Ender in on what has happened on Earth they decide to help colonize the Bugger’s home planet. While looking for a good place to start a village Ender comes across the same building and playground he saw in the game at battle school. He goes through the whole game and comes to the end where there is a mirror. In the game when he removed the mirror snakes came out, but now there was just an egg. This egg contained the Bugger queen who then told Ender the Bugger’s side of the story, and Ender makes it his mission to tell this story and find a safe place to let the Buggers come back to life.

Summary my.opera.com I chose this picture because Ender is determined to make it out of Battle School even though so many people have tried to hurt him. cheezburger.com I chose this picture because it shows what Ender had to deal with when he was fighting against two armies and Bonzo. I chose this picture because it represents that Ender only has a little bit left until he reaches the end, but he still has to work hard to save the world. successify.net I chose this picture because it represents Ender finding the queen egg, but he didn't know what was in it until he grabbed it. Which is kind of like a Kinder Egg when you don't know what's inside until you open it. forum.blockland.us
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