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Ramiya Sureshkumar

on 13 April 2014

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In Dance
What is space in Dance?
Space is:
The directions of the dance
The formation of the dance
The personnel space in the dance

Formation can mean two things in dance.
1) The relationship of the dancers (ex. the pattern they make.
2) Based on the french term 'formation', meaning professional training or internship.
Let's Explore the World of

Now we will get to know how space is important in
Personal Space
What is Personal Space?
There are two different kinds of formation in dance:
1) The relationship between the dancers: For example, the pattern that they make.
2) Professional training or internship, coming from the french term "Formation".
What is Dance?
Spatial Awareness
Personal Space
is characterised by the area around the individual's body
Personal Space
is important for each individual .
Personal Space
allows the dancer to expand or contract as the moves change.
Dance is a type of art that mainly refers to movement of the body, usually with flow to music. It is performed in many different cultures and is used as a form of expression, social interaction, presented in a spiritual or performance setting, entertainment and more! In dance there is either a solo dance, a duet, trio or a group dance.
When dancing there are a countless amount of types. There is ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, waltz, break-dancing, disco, salsa, samba, contemporary and many, many more!But overall, it depends on the dancer and why they are dancing. They could be dancing for happiness, stress relief, anger management or more.
Spatial awareness is when the dancer is well informed of their surroundings and movement, knowing where they are going,who is around them, how much space they are utilizing etc. So that there is an avoidance of mistakes.
Why is it
Space is very important when it comes to dance. It coordinates the dance as well as making it look better. Without space dance would be unorganized and bad things can and will happen.They can get hurt, their dance will look bad making it uncoordinated, and many others.

Space in dance is the space the dancers create and use while they are dancing. Space makes the dance more coordinated and the dance also looks better because the dancers are synchronized. We will get you to dance to this song and you will feel and see why we need space.
What is Space?
What Is Dance?
The Benefits
Personal Space

is a great component when preforming Dance. In this picture, they were able to preform this by having enough Personal Space so each dancer could do their move.
This picture can be called the
Personal Space Circle
. It can be used in Dance. If the dancer moves one way the Personal Space Circle will follow the movement. Therefore, this means that Personal Space is important so you don't touch hit or damage anything during the dance (unless that's what the dance is about). Since a Dance consists of moving around Personal Space is
The dance moves we use and the direction we move in with the moves have to look organized.The direction we move in has to cover up all or a significant amount of the space you have. The direction with how you use space has to be appealing as well. You can do this by being creative and making the dancers stand in a direction forming something other than a straight or plain diagonal line. It could be a zigzag, circle, square, or anything else. Directions in dance is where you can get creative and just make your dance look and feel great.
After listening to us you must have learned that space is very essential when dancing because it keeps our moves organized and coordinated and also helps in to built a little bit of synchronization . Lastly it helps us avoid silly and serious accidents which can sometimes spoil our whole dance routine and even career. So, it is very, very important.
Thank-you for listening to our presentation and we hope you have learned enough about space and that you will use it when you dance!
Dance is a great way to just get your mind off things and express yourself, for who you are.
Did you notice the difference between the 6 of us and all of you? We were organized because we had space! You on the other hand were not. You did not have space therefore you were running into each other on every move. You are just lucky you do not look like this right now. So know you can see what space is and how it works. It is one of the most important elements in dance. It also has many sub categories, and those are what we will be discussing with you today!
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