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A project about epilepsy

dylan trudeau

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Epilepsy

Epilepsy Symptoms Seizures
Generalized-a result of abnormal activity in most or all of the brain
Partial-originating in a specific area of the brain Cause Excessive signaling of
the cerebral neurons Interesting Facts 1. 9% of americans will suffer at least
one seizure in their lifetime Loss of urine Normal Brain vs.
Epileptic Brain Seizure triggers inlcude:
substances, hormone fluctuations,
stress, sleep patterns and
photosensitivity. 2. The mortality rate among people
with epilepsy is two to three
times higher than the general
population and the risk of sudden
death is twenty-four times greater. 3. It is guessed that up to approximately 50,000
deaths occur yearly by status epilepticus,
sudden unexplained death in epilepsy, and
other seizure-related deaths such
as drowning or other accidents. Probability of getting epilepsy .5%-1% chance Muscle pain Inherited. Some types of epilepsy are inherited through generations so the gene must be recessive. Treatment Treatment types include surgery to remove part of the brain, stress management and music therapy. What chromosome? The epilepsy gene mutation is located on gene 15. http://topics.healthvideo.com/m/27182059/video-games-and-epilepsy-in-children.htm Future Hopefully in the future
doctors and surgeons will
find an easier way to cure epilepsy.
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