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Lab Equipment

This presentation will introduce the lab equipment and its uses to students.

Lisa Edwards

on 20 August 2012

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Transcript of Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment you will use in Chemistry beaker graduated cylinder:comes in different sizes; must measure using the meniscus (from the bottom of the curved surface) Holds liquids: DO NOT measure with these!! Measures liquids Erlenmeyer Flask glass pipette-measures small amounts
of liquid very precisely; must use a rubber bulb to pull liquid into the pipette. test tube plastic pipette test tube holder: holds test tubes when
transporting. test tube rack: holds test tubes when conducting
experiments and when not using the test tubes test tube clamp: used when clamping the test tube to a ring stand. wire gauze: goes between the iron ring and a beaker when attached to a ring stand. watch glass: can hold dry ingredients, or microscale reactions. crucible tongs crucible with lid: made of porcelein
and is used to dry substances beaker tongs: use to move hot beakers ring stand: used to attach iron rings for beakers;
test tubes that are being heated etc. iron ring: used in addition to the wire gauze to hold beakers being heated. bunsen burner: used to heat materials burette: used to measure exact
quantities of liquids. thermometer: used to measure temperature balance: used to measure mass (in grams); three types we will use in this class: triple beam balance, 4 beam balance, and a digital balance. Other equipment you will use:
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