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The Night of Broken Glass

English Project

Jocolynn Norton

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Night of Broken Glass

The Night of Broken Glass
Kristallnacht What is it? This is when all the German and Autrian's were to break all the windows of Jewish owned businesses. Homes were wrecked, 400 Jews were killed and about 30,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps. By Christmas 1938 two thousand of these Jews were dead. All because an angry Polish Jew Killed a German. When Did This Happen? November 9 to 10, 1938 Why is It called this? It is called that because of the broken glass. In English 'Kristallnacht' is often referred to as the 'Night of the Broken Glass'. (The German 'Kristall' refers to the high grade 'crystal' glass often used at the time for shop windows). Whos was involved? The Kristallnacht was carried out by Nazi stormtroops, acting on orders. Many of them were ordered to wear civilian clothes in order to create the impression that enraged members of the public were acting spontaneously. However, the Nazi's, like all dictatorships, did not genuinely like spontaneous action. Importance The event is significant as it marked a major intensification of the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany. It was the first time that the Nazis used organized, widespread violence against Jews simply because they were Jews. It became clear that they were no longer safe in Germany. Those who were able to do so, left Germany after this. Where did it take place? Nazi Germany and Austria Video
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