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Kayla Rouse

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Etiquette

What not to do in a formal setting;
ALWAYS chew with you mouth close. NEVER put your elbows on the table. Never complain about food that is not of your personal taste. Never disrespect the waiter Business Etiquette Never consume alcoholic beverages Please and Thank you never go out of style. They should be second nature. Cell phones should be turned off. Be on time; or better yet arrive early. It may earn you cool points with the boss. Etiquette for Consuming food; Never spit unwanted food into a napkin. Remove unwanted food with a utensil, place it on the place, and cover it with food. Clean up spills immediatly Always you the correct utensil for the course of food consumed. Simple Etiquette Rules When a woman asked to be excused; it is polite for the gentlemen to stand as she exits Dress according to dress code; if any. Never try to out do the host or hostess Nosies while eating are very impolite;
such as slurping, smacking, and burping. Never stretch across the table; to pass dishes or condiments. :)
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