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Walt Disney Leadership

No description

Carla Brighton

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Walt Disney Leadership

By: Nate Cozzens, Carla Brighton, Brian Kroll, Sara Steckler, Cavet Leibensperger Research Project: Walt Disney Walt’s Early Years Born December 5th, 1901 in Chicago

Lived a rough life during early childhood

Lacked companionship

Strict Parents Walt’s Disney’s Bio Inspiration in High School

Career Options

Start of the Disney Company Video Carla Why was he this type of leader?

4 I’s
Idealized Influence
Inspirational Motivation
Intellectual Stimulation
Individualized Consideration Transformational Leadership Do what you love
Take what you do seriously
Do it for others
Never settle for first success
Don’t let obstacles stop you Principles Hardships
Top Manager
Road to success Down a Beaten Path Skills


Mickey Mouse Influences After death

Walt Disney Company

Disney institute Today Physical


Cultural Psychological Makeup “The ways in which parents, children, and adults interact to form certain behaviors” (Oberman).

Passed down characteristics

Walt’s poor leadership style Transactional Analysis Method Neuroticism




Conscientiousness The “Big Five” http://cdn.d23.disney.go.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/031009_Walt_young_feature.jpg


http://images.hitfix.com/photos/2436659/Disney-positions-itself-as-the-new-tentpole-power-house.jpg References Leadership Style Inconsistent Leader
Charismatic  Friendly and Sociable
Controlling and Authoritative  “Task Master”

Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Theory
5 Categories
Social skill Kirkpatrick & Locke  Traits that matter in leadership

“The Right Stuff”
Leadership motivation
Honesty & Integrity
Cognitive ability
Knowledge of the business and charisma
Flexibility Leadership Style Difference between skills and Traits
Skills = What can accomplish
Traits = Innate characteristics

Katz  The Three-Skill Approach
Technical Skill
Knowledge that a leader has in a specific branch of work
Human Skill
Knowledge and ability to work with people
Conceptual Skill
Ability to work with ideas and concepts

Possess all three skills equally  Middle Management Skill Set Leadership Skills Communication

Macro Level 
Leaders who speak to large groups
Considered inspirational
Communicating a vision to maximize their appeal

Micro Level 
Leaders who speak to a smaller group
Try to maintain a positive relationship with everyone while sending a message Leadership Skills
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