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Muscle and Muscle Fiber Structure

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on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Muscle and Muscle Fiber Structure

So, a review of the muscle structure...
Fascia --> covers outer part of the muscle
Epimysium --> covers the inner part of the muscle
Perimysium --> surrounds fascicles
Fascicle --> group of muscle fibers
Endomysium --> between muscle fibers in one fascicle
Sarcolemma --> covers one muscle fiber
Sarcoplasm --> surrounds myofibrils
Myofibrils --> made of proteins that CONTRACT
Some review of muscles...
Recall 3 types of muscles: skeletal, smooth, and cardiac
Skeletal = what WE CONTROL
Smooth lines our digestive system and organs
Cardiac makes up our heart
Now, we will discuss the parts of a muscle
Kind of similar to the parts of a bone in that bones don't look complicated, but they are
So are muscles!
The cytoplasm of a muscle fiber, inside the sarcolemma, is known as the...
All of the containers that you bought, together in a bag, are ONE muscle
Individual muscles surrounded by

You double bag your Twizzler's; this is like the OUTERMOST plastic bag you're holding them in
So if you open the container, you see individually wrapped Twizzler's
Each individual Twizzler is a SINGLE muscle fiber!

Between these wrapped Twizzler's would be the
Muscle and Muscle Fiber Structure
We focus on skeletal muscles!
Origin, insertion, belly
We name muscles in 4 ways:
1. Location
2. Origin and insertion
3. Size/shape/directin
4. Function
And lastly, agonist and antagonist pairs!
We're going to use the analogy of Twizzler's
You go to the store and you buy a couple of those big containers of individually-packed Twizzler's....
These are your containers individually
Right underneath the fascia is the
this is the innermost bag
Each container is like ONE group of muscle fibers, called a
The surrounds each individual container, or each individual fascicle
The muscle fibers have their own surrounding - called the
This is kind of like the wrapping on each of the Twizzler's
Keep this term in mind for when we discuss muscle contraction!
Now, as you untwist each Twizzler, you see it has many different strands
These are like in a real muscle
Myofibrils are made of 2 different kinds of proteins

- thin

- thick
These are the proteins that allow for muscle contraction
F.E.P. F.E.S.M.
For Every Party, Friends Expect Some Men
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