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Animated Movies or Cartoons

No description

jue min

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Animated Movies or Cartoons

Psychological Effects of cartoons on children that are carried on till the adult years
Animation has developed for over 100 years
Appeared before photography was invented
Aims to entertain, exaggerate, simplify, abstract,
clarify difficult concepts for easier understanding.
Made into cartoon styles for TV commercials.
More popular with the children now
Have both positive and negative impacts on the

Study of Impact of animation on the children will raise awareness of the behavior issue of children
To be able to improve the entertainment for future generations so that children has the right mindset
Awareness of different kinds of animation to prevent violent content to be viewed by the children
First part of their childhood and will affect their future growth

Research Questions
1. What is the intention of cartoon and what messages are they trying to send?

Mostly, animation delivered a positive attitude that encourage people walk out from the depression.
Some animations use a negative method which include violent elements to tell a story will leave a bad impression for children.
Sometime cartoon is an expression of the artist - inspiration coming from real life events( Mary Poppins- Disney)
Other time it has hidden messages ( Tom and Jerry)

Animated Movies or

Children begin watching cartoons at the age of six month.
Become faithful viewer when they are two years old.
Positive effects on academic aspects.
According to studies, television plays a vital role in 3-6 years old children. They desire to gain more information actively rather than passively. (Aliyeva 2013)

Prior Knowedgeable
Children spent their time enjoying their outdoor activities playing with peers previously.
Now they would rather stay at home watching cartoons than go out.
Children are addicted to the cartoons even when eating.
 Sometime escape from reality
Unable to differentiate good and bad(Brower 2012)

Proposed Learning Outcomes
Our group hope to learn many important skills through this research such as communication skill and teamwork skill. In addition ,we also hope to improve our abilities to communicate well.
For example , we can learn to solve problems with group members and how to be confident on public speaking.
Improving ourselves in technical aspects – crafting survey online and editing interviews.

Proposed Research Outcomes
After our group discussions ,we hope to find the answers about our research questions.
Our research questions are focused on the messages that are sent from cartoons
Effects of parents supervision while watching cartoon and the behaviour of a person
Ultimately, we hope to find the the answers of our three questions in order to research the psychology behind Anime and Cartoons.

Thank You
Research Questions
2. Parents supervision or absent of supervision while watching cartoon, what impact does it make?

Parents have more experience within life than children which allow them make the right decision to the children.
Children watching animations without parents’ supervision may influence their personalities.
Exposure to violent images and mature contexts
Parents should take charge of young kids in case they immerse in too much virtual realities.
That cause children less talk when they grow up and finally lead to isolation

Research Questions
3. What are the effects on children as we grow older, does cartoon affect the behavior of a person?
Cartoons accompany with everyone as people grow from a kid to adolescent.
The memories of childhood, cartoon not only be recreational tools but also be a part of in people’s life
Look forward to being the hero in story, being attracted by the drama even impact the individuality.
Behavior is linked with the personality, so the cartoon people watched in childhood will affect behavior in the future.
Primary Data
Survey consisting of qualitative and quantitative questions.
Qualitative questions to find out the extent of impact
Quantitative question will address respondents psycholgical aspects as individual
Survey will be conducted to both gender of ages 18-40

Interview RMIT students studying
Secondary Data
Credible online Resources
Journals and Books (Academic)
Week 1 First DTRP class

Week 2 Getting into group and brainstorming research topic and questions

Week 3 Further Brainstorming for better research questions and assessing it

Week 4 Preparing for the research: outlining plan
Preparing for research proposal: oral presentation and written.

Week 6
(Beginning of research) Target
Prepare survey question and interviews
Contacting and sourcing out experts on the subject.
Collecting background information through secondary resources through library searches.

Week 7 Target
Collect primary data- Conducting the survey
Interviewing experts from relevant academic departments(animation)
Analyse survey results.
Research secondary resources
Week 8 Target
Continue with primary data- Survey and interview experts from relevant academic departments(psychology)
Editing the interviews
Analysing and interpreting survey results
Find secondary resources that support our findings

Week 9 Target
Further editions and technological improvement on interview.
Combining all data and summary outcomes

Week 10 Target
Preparing for expo and final report
Come up with a plan for presentation for expo
Planning for final written report

Week 11 Prepare presentation for expo
Show the final presentation and written report to get feedback.
Make sure the technological aspects of the interview are alright.

Week 12 Presenting the research findings at expo
Finalising the written report and reflections on the project process.

Week 13 Submitting Final written report and reflection.


Aliyeva A 2013, Hidden effects of cartoons on little spectators, Azernews, viewed on 4 September 2013, <http://www.azernews.az/analysis/58562.html>.

Atkinson D 2011, Animation Notes, AIM, viewed 04 March 2011, <http://minyos.its.rmit.edu.au/aim/a_notes/anim_intro.html>.

Brower L 2012, Effects of Cartoon Pacing and Fantastical Content on Executive Function, University of Virginia, updated 10 October 2012, <http://www.virginia.edu/psychology/downloads/DMP%20Papers/DMP%202012/Brower.pdf>.

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