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Restaurant Online Ordering System using QR Code with Augment

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MIchael Sultana

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Restaurant Online Ordering System using QR Code with Augment

Restaurant Online Ordering System using QR Code with Augmented Reality
Problem Definition
Description Of Project

Problem Definition
Service efficiency and effectiveness in the shortest possible time is expected by clients in the restaurant sector.

This may result in human error leading to unsatisfied clients.

Slow and undifferentiated service resulting in loss of business to competitors

Is an increase in restaurant personnel the answer ?

The aim of this project is to develop a restaurant online ordering system using QR code and AR technologies.

Generation and visualization of menu items with AR technology with smoke effects where applicable.

Accessibility of the system by clients through QR code technology.

Business oriented, multi-user online restaurant ordering system.

Remote access to clients’ orders by the kitchen staff.

Product Description
Client scans the QR code next to each menu item using smartphone/tablet. A webpage then opens the camera of the device. Once pointed at the AR marker on the place mat the 3D model of the menu item is displayed.
Client presses the order food button to place items in the order cart. Once order is ready, client needs to confirm the order. This generates a message that informs the client that the order has been placed.
Orders are displayed in the kitchen and when processed the complete button is pressed and the order will disappear from screen.

Michael Sultana

The prototype was successfully developed with QR and AR technologies:
Introducing technology for technologies sake? NO!
Advantages out way costs.
Gives the early bird a competitive edge.
Thank You
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