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No description

junsu ku

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of iChef

e.Cook Presents iChef what is iChef? - An automatic cooking robot + iChef! = How does it work? Automatic! Insert Prepare Ready~! + = Benefits learn how to cook saves time! Market competitive market? market segment? gaining market share? consumer
demographics/psychographics electronics kitchen appliances 1. Increase the market size 2. Attract consumers from competitions Competition income? major competitors strategies Both disposable and discretionary General Electronics Image Product's image? - give less work for daily cookers - newly wedded who needs
to buy new appliances - people who are interested
in cooking Easy to use! iChef e.Cook - benefits for using our product
1. Cooking becomes very easy
2. Lower price
3. Save time!
- emphazise the easiness
Cooking is very easy! - easy cooking
- emphasizes easiness - visual symbol
- easy to remember
- matches the product Slogan Cooking is easy, even robots can do it!
- easiness of cooking Advertising strategy? - Free trials and let people
actually try the product
- lots of TV ads, magazine ads Thank you! Any Questions? Age - 20 and above Gender - Female Family life Cycle - Income level - Middle to Upper Ethnicity and Culture - Anyone who cooks! People who believe time is gold!
People who are health conscience! Target consumers - A lot of advertisement - Free trials and giveaways Advertisements! and free trials!
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