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Greek Animal Project

i did this w maggie i did it 2

S Murray

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Greek Animal Project

Animals that live in Greece By: Maggie Lessel and Sydney Murray Turkish Gecko Wild Boar Monk Seal Wild Cat Cuckoo Hera (bird) Scientific Name: Hemidactylus Turcicus Area: Mediterranean, close to warm coasts Similar to Moorish Gecko Scientific Name: Sus Scrofa Linnaeus Area: forests There seem to be larger litters of wild boars in Europe Scientific Name: Monachus Shauinslandi Area: caves and beaches They are critically endangered:
approximately 600 left in wild!! Scientific Name: Felis Silvestris Area: forests Biggest Threat: Domestic Cats White Stork Scientific Name: Ciconia Ciconia Area: warms area with lakes and rivers Storks can't fly over seas!! Scientific Name: Ciconia Nigra Live on every continent except
Antarctica, which means they like
to live in completely random areas They are also known as
"little egret" and is also a
type of heron Scientific Name: Egretta Garzetta Area: marshes and lakes THE END!!!
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