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Online Professionalism in Psychology (2013)

How to remain professional online as well as off

Tim Fawns

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Online Professionalism in Psychology (2013)

Professional Issues:
35% of employers reported they found content on social networking sites that caused them not to hire a candidate. Of this...

53% : provocative or inappropriate photographs or information

44% : content about them drinking or using drugs

35% : bad-mouthed their previous employer, co-workers or clients

29% : poor communication skills

26% : discriminatory comments

24% : lied about qualifications

20% : shared confidential information from previous employer
in 2009, 45% (US) Employers used Facebook-Twitter to screen candidates
What you say about yourself
What you say about others
What others say about you
religious views
political views
where you say it
Looking for:
A relationship
Interested in:
How much do you say?
Favourite Music:
Favourite TV Programmes:
Favourite Films:
Favourite Books:
Favourite Quotations:
About me:
Where does it go?
talks to
talks to
talks to
talks to
talks to
talks to
talks to
talks to
"Surely none of this matters if it's kept private?"
Email addresses:
IM screen name(s):
Mobile Phone:
School/University Pigeonhole:
Leaving year:
Second Course:
Third subject:
Add another subject

Secondary School:

Time period:
I currently work here.
Putting stuff on the web is a form of publishing
Even if it's a comment
or a tweet
or a status update
The web doesn't forget
"Can you please delete my post of October 8th 2005 relating to IBM? I have a job interview next week."
We can. But you'll also need to contact Tek-Tips,, Tik-Tek, PC Advisor, Computer Juice....
Oh, and it will also have been distributed to some places we don't know about.
flickr account
Facebook account
"...even if you do have high security and you can control what you put on Facebook yourself, you can't control what others write on your wall - although if it is inappropriate you can remove it.

But often it is after something has been on your wall for some time. This happened to me when a colleague put something inflammatory about the place I work on my page.

I deleted it, but lots of people did see it and this may have looked (albeit temporarily) like I condoned the comment, which I definitely did not..."
" sister put a heap of pictures of me when I was little and a teenager and didn't ask me if that was OK.

Not good to let colleagues see pictures of you going through an ill-advised goth period let me tell you :-) ..."
"...Googling my real name is either not me, or an academic profile I don't mind people seeing.

However, googling a username of mine reveals my data has been used to sign me up to a dating site! Wonder if that's facebook's 'liberal' attitude to data protection?..."
... that link directed me to a Bebo page I had completely forgotten I even had - I literally must have set it up aged 16/17 and never used again..."
"...Seeing as I've only had facebook these three years through university, as you can imagine most of the pictures involve alcohol!

I've only taken ones that are particularly bad down, there's still plenty of me out and about with friends (again, most involve alcohol) but I don't think anyone would be shocked to find out that a 21 year old male that's just graduated has experience of drinking alcohol!..."
Useful Resources
Medical professionalism in the age of online social networking
According to Facebook’s own privacy info:

“You understand and acknowledge that, even after removal, copies of User Content may remain viewable in cached and archived pages or if other Users have copied or stored your User Content”
Companies like Facebook change privacy policies
"While we do not know exactly how much Facebook user information SlickCash was able to obtain, the company has also agreed not to contact any Facebook users whose contact info it obtained as part of the settlement."
"I find it particularly haunting that there is no way to delete your Facebook account. You can only "deactivate" it, but you can reactivate it at any time and everything will come right back."
(CC) Attribution 3.0 Unported
Your social graph
To what extent are you a Psychologist when:

at home?
at a party?
surfing the net?

People search engines
Use of social networking by undergraduate psychology majors
Internet safety resources
Use strong passwords and considered privacy settings.

Don’t post stuff that you wouldn’t want an employer, client or parent/carer of a client to see.

Use common sense.
To what extent are you a Psychologist when:
surfing the net?
Don’t put anything online that you would not like to be seen by:
parents of clients

This definitely includes information which is confidential or reflects poorly on clients, colleagues or institution.
What control do you have?
Privacy controls


Alternate identities
Avoiding content vs promoting content
Of this...

50% : Profile provided a good feel for the candidate’s personality and fit

39% : Profile supported candidate’s professional qualifications

38% : Candidate was creative

35% : Candidate showed solid communication skills

33% : Candidate was well-rounded

19% : Other people posted good references about the candidate

15% : Candidate received awards and accolades
18% of employers found content that caused them to hire the candidate
Tim Fawns
December 2012
Social Media
Psych grad forum...
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