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on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of The RAF

What Is The RAF
The RAF stands for royal air force and was formed on the 1st of April 1918.The RAF is the British air force. It has basses and has fought all around the world!
The Battle Of Britian
The RAF has had roles in wars all around the word but arguably the most famous was the battle of Britain during WW2.
many lives were lost in the great battles against the Luftwaffe but eventually we won! the most famous planes used in these battles were the hurricane and the spitfire.
The Logo
The Red Arrows
Old Planes
The Dambusters
The dambusters were active in world war 2. they were a secret group formed of lancaster bombers that flew over dams in germany and bombed them to flood the factories. this is where they get the name 'Dambusters'. they had to design a new bomb that bounces on water so they could be shure the dams would blow up!
Modern Planes
The supermarine spitfire
The mk 2 Huricane
The logo that you see above
is the main, most used raf
logo of today. but the logo
has changed since 1918. they have had diffrent logos for diffrent purposs like night flying,or the logo has just changed in design.
The RAF red arrows
are an elite aerobatic
display team, possibly the best in the world. they fly all over the world doing displays and daring manouvers in thier incredible hawk T1 aircraft
The lancaster bomber
The hurricane
The spitfire
The Eurofighter Typhoon
The F-35
The Tornado GR4

If you want to go the
website to find out
more click on the link
at the start.
The German Luftwaffe
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