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Gaming for Learning NCCE13

No description

Julie Robison

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Gaming for Learning NCCE13

Gaming for Learning with SimCity julierobison.me
@pdxkali For me, connecting with history, English, & math

SimCity 5
SimCity EDU
SimCity Mods

Talk to your colleagues, kids, families, administrators

Share what you do "I loved seeing my city grow over time." Content Goals SimProject Increased Engagement Systems Thinking,
Engineering Habits of Mind,
3 dimensions of Sustainability Increased Formative Assessment What is SimCity? What kind of project did students do? What kind of school do I teach at? PreK-12 Independent School in Portland
1:1 Macbooks
Google Apps for Education
Intentional Culture of Use Student Goals Teaching Goals #simcityncce13 Practical Matters Philosophical Matters Research Project Design Classroom Culture & Strategies Extension & Application Classroom Culture Common Objections Play along
Model the systems approach
Ask questions and listen
It's better when you don't know the answer!
Connect kids to kids Be proactive with language for kids, parents, colleagues, and administrators Learning through PLAY Sense of HEROIC PURPOSE Learning in CONTEXT and AS YOU GO Drawing a map of Portland
Steven Johnson "Where Good Ideas Come From"
Discussion of
Urban Growth Boundary
2040 Growth Concept
Mixed-use development
RadioLab on cities "Are cities alive?" 7th Grade Curriculum By Grade 12, students should be able to
"use computer simulations as a tool for understanding
and investigating aspects of a system." Teacher Habits of Mind Science Standards Motivation FutureCity.org Systems & Sustainability
Mount St. Helens
Earth's Systems
Climate Change
Environmental Movement Objectives Artifacts Samples Evaluation &
Growth Photos Written Narrative Above & Beyond Focus on growth of city
Show that the city meets certain "healthy" criteria Document problem solving
Reflection Provide additional challenges 10 years of
60+ Life Expectancy 100% Police Coverage 100% Water Coverage Tutorials
Restart Race
Group Restart
Group Share If I don't want to grade it,
why would I make kids do it? "There are not many projects that allow you to be totally in control." "The game made me more appreciative of Portland." "Being the mayor of a city was fun and hard." "There were so many variables you have to consider and if one goes wrong, then the whole chain has an issue." "I put the industrial zone near the natural gas power plant, ... separated from the river by the residential area. I arranged my city like this so that the river would not get polluted from the power plants and industrial areas." "The project pushed you to think about every consequence for everything that you put into your city.... I now know how much thought real civil engineers put into their work every day. Who knows that could be me one day! And all because of SimCity." This was the first time my son pushed through an assignment that was challenging rather than giving up. "I picked up quite a bit from having a failed city." "I learned about how delicate a city is, how you have to make trade-offs in design, the necessity of having a plan." "I learned that you have to do stuff that is good in the long run ... some things that are good in some spheres are bad in others." "It made me use basic problem solving skills and respond to many warnings the game gave me." How do I get an "A"?
I'll just use cheat codes
Science should be "hands on"
Video games are isolating or just for boys
It's just "edutainment" "Hey Mrs. Robison - An agricultural zone!" Deborah Stipek, Stanford (2001)
Need for competency
Need for self-determination
Need for interpersonal connection
Need for sense of purpose, meaning, relevance
Interest Don't touch someone else's computer
Screens down or turn it around
Leveraging class time Submitted via
Google Presentations
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