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FRIDAY October 24th 2014

No description

Amy Swanson

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of FRIDAY October 24th 2014

FRIDAY October 24th 2014
Music Video Friday
This MVF is brought to you by Ali! Don't forget to provide evidence that ACTUALLY supports the claim you make. You can't just select *any* of the lyrics... choose the words that will best support the claim you make. And, for that matter, make a claim you can easily find evidence to support!
Do Now
Since we've been working so hard on JUSTICE vs. REVENGE these last two weeks, today we'll have a special "Do Now." Instead of a quote, we will read an article by a psychologist describing FIVE key differences between Justice and Revenge. In Friday's box, on your DN paper, you will write a response to the article.

You may work with a partner on this project. After we complete the writing part of the project, we will create videos using ANIMOTO. Let's look over the assignment expectations, Graphic Organizer, and rubric.
Then we will start our planning.
1. Pick one of the sentences from pg. 1 to improve by "showing."
2. For each passage, after I read it aloud, choose a "mood" word from the box that you feel represents it. Underline or Highlight words that
contribute to the mood.
3. Use your DESCRIPTIVE WORDS packet
to improve/complete this "spooky
4. List some words you might use
for each category.
Detective Stories
Now we will begin our detective stories!
We will be going over:
1. the assignment
2. the graphic organizer
3. the rubric

You may choose to work with a partner, or alone. When stories are completed, you will be creating Animoto videos, including a voice over of your story, in lieu of a presentation.
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