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Jillian Gagnon

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Topic 2 Unit 4 Wheels, axles, pulleys, & gears Wheels, axles, pulleys, and gears can all give you a great mechanical advantage.
This mechanical advantage can allow you to move a large load with a much smaller effort force.
They are levers that keep on lifting The Winch A winch is a wheel and axle device that consists of a small cylinder and crank or handle. Sprocket A gear with teeth that fits in to the links of a chain is called a sprocket
An example of a sprocket is a bicycle chain Gears A gear is a rotating wheel like object with teeth around its rim.
A gear train is a group of two or more gears
The first gear is called the driving gear; it may turn because someone is turning a handle or because it is attached to a motor.
The second gear is called the driven gear or follower. Pulleys A pulley is a grooved wheel with a rope or chain running along the groove.
Pulleys also have axles.
Wheels Axles Gears Pulleys Wheel-and-axle Devices A wheel-and-axle device includes 2 turning objects that are attached to each other at their centres, causing the other to turn
An axle is a rod passing through the centre of a wheel.
The wheel does not have to be round
Example: door handle
Wheel-and-axle devices can also generate speed. Which bike would provide the greatest mechanical advantage?
What are the benefits of having the large wheel? Speed Ratio If the front sprocket moves 40 teeth, the back sprocket will move 40 teeth.
The larger sprocket will then make less full turns than the back sprocket because it is larger and has more teeth Speed ratio= # of driver gear teeth/# of follower gear teeth Pulleys The axle of a pulley acts like the fulcrum.
The two sides of the pulley are the effort arm and the load arm.
Pulleys can be fixed of movable.
A fixed pulley is attached to something that does not move
A movable pulley can be be moved by the rope itself Winch Exerting force on the handle turns the wheel.
The axle of a winch acts like a fulcrum
The radius of the lever is like the load arm of a lever.
The handle acts as the effort arm
If the handle is longer than the radius of the wheel the effort force is smaller than the load Pulleys A compound pulley is a combination of pulleys
A block and tackle is a type of compound pulley and has a combination of fixed and movable pulleys.
-These can have a large mechanical advantage
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