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American Revolution

No description

Oskar Gardner

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of American Revolution

The American Revolution Proclamation of 1763 1760 The
Currency Act The Stamp Act 1764 C=TOWNSHEND ACTS 2007 Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson Colonists couldn't pass the Appalachian Mountains Colonists couldn't make their own money. 1770 1765 Battle of Trenton Battle of Long Island C= King wanted to show he was in charge. Colonists had to pay for every piece of paper they have. C=King was raising money for soldiers. By:Oskar Gardner 1760 1765 1770 1775 C=AGREEMENT WITH NATIVES E=Stamp Act Congress/
Sons of Liberty E=ANGRY COLONISTS Mrs.Kemper's class E=made colonists angry Boycott E=KING REPEALED TOWNSHEND ACTS Merchants in New York and Boston refuse to by British goods KING GEORGE III RULER OF ENGLAND FROM 1760-1820 BOSTON TEA PARTY C=TEA ACT E=INTOLERABLE ACTS CONCORD AND LEXINGTON First open battle between colonists and British soldiers E=2nd Continental Congress C= King wanted to capture leaders and guns Colonists dumped 342
containers of tea in the Boston Harbor Oskar Gardner A letter from colonists to king declaring independence Wrote the Declaration of Independence C=Kings mistreatment to colonists E=Revolutionary war 1780 GEORGE WASHINGTON Commander in Chief of the Continental Army First battle after the Dcleration of Independance-British won-control of New York FREEDOM!! Colonists won-Took control of Trenton, and increased confidence Battle of Brandywine Creek British won control of Philadelphia Washington lost many men , but the remaining men received training Valley Forge Battle of of Charlestown British won- they captured 5400 men, 4 ships, and military arsenal Battle of Yorktown Americans won -Washington's victory that ended the war Treaty of Paris King of England gave AMERICA it's Independance Benjamin Franklin Campaigned for colonies in England and France The End
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