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Democracy Matters 2013 Communication Plan

No description

Kaleb Beatty

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Democracy Matters 2013 Communication Plan

Communications Plan Goals: To create a cloud storage space for Democracy Matters' photos, videos, presentations, etc...

To allow staff and interns to collaborate on projects year-round.

To increase Democracy Matters' online visibility.

To increase online donations and support. 5 GB of cloud storage on Google Drive.

Google AdWords raises awareness by choosing relevant keywords and creating free unique ads to promote our site.

Google Analytics allows us to track online donations, newsletter sign-ups, social media effectiveness, and more so we can evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

YouTube for Nonprofits allows viewers to donate to Democracy Matters through DM's channel. With a shared Google Drive account, staff and interns can easily upload pictures, videos, and audio recordings of Democracy Matters events from around the country to one place.

They can then easily access that information to create new projects, share on social media, and collaborate on educational campaigns. With all of our photos being uploaded to Google Drive, Democracy Matters can expand its social media reach to the growing online community of Pinterest. Democracy Matters' Pinterest page can be added to Pinterest's Nonprofit Group to further increase DM's online presence. Many organizations like ours have already taken advantage of YouTube and its nonprofit program. Public Campaign's channel has over 48,000 views and is YouTube Nonprofit certified. By collecting video of our events on the Google Drive, an intern or staff member can easily access, edit, and upload them to our YouTube channel. Those videos can then be shared through our other social media outlets. Democracy Matters can use Soundcloud to make a podcast out of the E-newsletter.

Podcasts could also be made from audio that interns upload to Google Drive, taken from events like teach-ins and protests.

Notice Democracy Now's 31,014 followers. Each time DN releases a new sound, it pops up in the "Stream" of those 30k+ people. Prezi is a cloud-based presentation
and storytelling software.
Prezi groups similar ideas and topics together spatially. They can be shared through social media, as well as downloaded. You can also use Prezi to convert old Power Points into new Prezis in a few minutes. While it's mostly used to create presentations, Prezi can also be used by Democracy Matters staff and interns to share and visualize ideas for projects and campaigns. Prezi, in combination with Google Drive, will provide interns and staff access to a trove of Democracy Matters materials wherever they're at. Suggestions
for our pages. Getting Encouraging Online Donations and Support Sharing is
Caring! Making routine updates to your chapter's FB page isn't easy, but it's necessary if you want to keep your online followers. To make it easier, try sharing posts from our official Democracy Matters page, from other chapters, or from related organizations, such as the Center for Responsive Politics.

Add Democracy Matters' official page and those of other campaign finance organizations to your interests list. It will create a separate news feed of their posts for you. It makes sharing their posts on your Democracy Matters' page much easier.

If you have made your personal Facebook account the admin of your chapter's page, you can use the Pages app on the iPhone to update your page anywhere, anytime. Prezi offers free ENJOY licenses to educators, students, and nonprofits.
ENJOY accounts can create private presentations, use their own logo, and have 500MB of cloud storage. Make Those
Connections! Your chapter's Facebook page can be connected to Democracy Matters' Pinterest, Soundcloud, YouTube, & Prezi accounts! Not only does it make your page more interactive, but it also boosts your rankings from search engines. Use Your
Notes! Use your "Notes" and "About" pages to tell visitors what Democracy Matters stands for and how they can help! Democracy Matters
Could Use KickStarter to
Finance Creative Projects. By using KickStarter's crowd sourcing capabilities,
Democracy Matters could generate the funding to:

Make a new "About Us" video (This needs to happen in the near future.)

Create clean elections educational videos.

Create artwork related to money in politics, such as Democracy Matters' clean $5 bills.

Buy props for public performances, such as the Auction/Election and Corporate Person skits. To encourage online donations and support,
Democracy Matters should:

Allow for credit and debit card donations on their site's donate page.

Register on Charity Navigator, America's largest
charity evaluator.

Register with the Better Business Bureau's charity evaluation branch.

Update Democracy Matters' Wikipedia page. Remove the "Claims of political bias" section, add a list of the current chapters, and include the Charity Navigator and BBB ratings once they've been established.

Possibly release Democracy Matters' own transparency report on the site's donate page.

Register the website on StumbleUpon.

The website could use a redesign, but ask the other interns what they think.
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