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Edu 341 Case Study

No description

emily wamback

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Edu 341 Case Study

Edu 341
Emily Wamback
Case Study

Puerto Rico:
Puerto Rican
Born in the United States.
Spanish is her first language.
Lives in an English speaking neighborhood.
Parents speak English
Grandfather taught her to speak spanish
Language Exposure Data
Background Information
Age: 6 years old
Sex: Female
Grade: Kindergarten
Birth Place: Tampa, FL
Family: Lives with her parents and sister; grandparents do not live too far away
Parents: Both of them work and the family lives in middle class housing
What I noticed:
Speaks English at school
Does not talk very loudly
Speaks English at home with parents
Only speaks spanish with grandparents
Has some trouble sorting pictures into groups of the same categories
General Education Teacher's perspective:
Has trouble with sorting activities
She is part of the on level reading group
Parents said she had difficulty learning to speak spanish and so has some trouble with her English but not much.
Has some difficulties in math as well as with spelling
Knows almost 60 sight words (the same as the majority of her peers)
Personal Appearance:
Wears sneakers to school most days
Hair is dark brown and is usually up in a ponytail
Brings lunch most days
Wears clothes similar to her peers
Social Interaction with classmates:
Hailey sits at a table with two boys at school and has no trouble talking to them
She is quieter than some of the other students
She does not usually volunteer to answer questions
During my first few visits, she was shy and did not want to talk. She warmed up to me after a few weeks.
Her voice is also quiet even when told to speak louder
Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States
It is located in the northeastern Caribbean
Population: 3,667,084 (2012 est.)
Capital: San Juan
Area: 3,515 sq miles
Official Languages: English and Spanish
Basic information
Surface Culture:
Deep Culture:
Interview Questions:
I asked Hailey multiple questions about her likes and dislikes to find out how her life compared to the culture of Puerto Rico.
Most of the prominent music found in Puerto Rico has Afro-Hispanic Origins and is similar to music found in Cuba
Traditional clothing is worn only on special occasions and for special holidays
They typically wear clothing similar to that in the U.S.
Typical food uses ingredients found indigenous to the area:coriander, papaya, cacao, nispero, apio, plantains, and yampee
Families tend to be close
Multiple generations tend to live close by
The men are responsible for providing for the family but the women tend to have jobs as well
Women are in charge of the children for the most part
Often use both parents surnames
Families help raise the children and are preferred to outsiders
What is your favorite color?
"I like pink and purple."
Do you have a favorite food?
"Yes. I like pizza a lot."
Do you listen to music at home?
"Sometimes but I do not know what it is."
Do you like to play sports?
"I like soccer. It's fun to kick a ball."
Do you speak Spanish at home?
"No, my parents do not speak spanish."
Who taught you to speak Spanish?
"My grandfather"
Who do you live with?
"I live with my mom, my dad, and my sister. I do not have a brother."
Do you know where your grandparents live?
"No but I think they live here."
What is your favorite TV show?
"I like Dora."
Why is this your favorite?
"She speaks spanish just like me."
Do you have a favorite movie?
"I like the one about Rapunzel."
Why is Tangled your favorite movie?
"I like it because she has long hair and I want long hair too. And it is funny."
Do you have a favorite book?
"I like books about Dora because she speaks spanish in them too."
Do you go to church?
"Sometimes, I think, but I do not know what it is called."
What holidays do you celebrate?
"Christmas, Halloween, three kings day, and I do not remember what else."
Her immediate family is very close like the typical Puerto Rican family but she does not spend a lot of time with other relatives
She does not listen to music from Puerto Rico a lot
She eats food typical of an American and dresses like an American
Her Puerto Rican culture is not prominent in her immediate family.
She rarely speaks Spanish
Make sure that there are plenty of pictures when teaching
Encourage group work to help get her talking more
Call on her to answer questions and encourage her to speak louder
When doing Social Studies, try to discuss different cultures, especially when doing people of the past
Allow students to share information about their families
Try to get to know the students better by talking to them and asking them questions to make them comfortable
During the holiday season, invite families to share their traditions with the class
Invite parents into the classroom so that they feel welcome
Use a map to show students where their classmates' families are from
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