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No description

Sophie Andrews

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Debenhams

Leading international, multi-channel department store
Strategy & Mission
"Our strategic goal is to create sustainable value through building a leading international, multi-channel brand.
There are four pillars to this strategy."

1. Focusing on
UK retail

2. Delivering a compelling
customer proposition

3. Increasing choice and availability

4. Expanding the brand
Key Facts
Perception Maps
A perceptual map is of the visual technique designed to show how the average target market consumer understands the positioning of the competing products in the marketplace. A perceptual map is usually based more on a marketer's knowledge of an industry than market research.When creating a new product, a company should look for a space that is currently unoccupied by competitors.

Porter's Five Forces
An analysis tool used to assess whether a resource or capability is a source of competitive advantage.

SWOT analysis identifies key strengths of an organisation and is a good starting point to identify elements that are of value. In order for an organisation to have sustainable competitive advantage all four factors of VRIN need to be satisfied. Therefore the four elements we will be focusing on are Promotional Activity, Long Term Relationships with Suppliers and Price Strategy.

About Debenhams
Internal Environment
an analysis
Scenario Planning
240 stores in 28 countries
Mix of own brands, international brands & concessions

Principal activities are the sale of fashion clothing, accessories, cosmetics and homeware.
Roots trace back to 1813... 200 years old
Available online in 70 countries
Mintel Oxygen. 2014. Department Store Retailing. [Online]. [Accessed 26 November 2014].

Debenhams plc. 2013. Debenhams plc Annual Report and Accounts 2013. [online].

Retail Week [online]

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www.debenhams.com [online]
Fully but only on premium

Little but on all needs

Little and only premium

Fully green sustainable

Revolution in green consumption

Marketing movement: messages & campaigns focusing on core customer needs

Reinforce basic shopper/retailer contract of quality, price and experience

Some positive effect on the environment

May spur further adopting as focus on core customer needs; spill overs

Costly as focus on all customer needs, however little adoption; no use of economies of scale

Little positive effect on the environment in terms of sustainability

Little customer awareness about sustainability

Danger of getting stuck in niche; as little sustainable growth prospects

Fully focus on premium niche

Most shoppers not prepared to pay premium price for sustainability concern

Viewing “green” as premium niche only; close-minded
Conventional green approach: purely premium niche
Emergent green approach: focus on all customer needs

Fully adopting sustainable approaches

Little adopting of sustainable approaches

Environmental: Green consumption & sustainability

Online buying and offline procurement

Full offline retailing

Online procurement and offline buying
Full online retailing

Strength of presence in high street is lost hence potential damage to image

Not keep up with competitors in industry

Keep traditional image and not renewed in mind of customers

Efficient supply chain management

Difficult to coordinate supply and demand as supply is online and demand is offline

Could get behind of competitors

Demand-led environment rather than traditional supply led-one

Sustainable as no transport logistics cost

Integrated omni-channel operation

Danger of losing customers that shop in store

Risk of inaccurate procurement as only done offline

May mismatch demand and supply as procurement slower

Technological: Online versus offline retailing

Only using OFFLINE procurement in retailing:

Only using ONLINE procurement in retailing: Debenhams

Only using ONLINE retailing: the consumer

Only using OFFLINE retailing: the consumer

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