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Hopes and Dreams

No description

Valor Corrales

on 16 January 2012

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Transcript of Hopes and Dreams

Hope is Hope Hope is Hope
Hope is Riches beyond imagination
Hope is mending the broken
Hope is building bridges of peace instead
of wall of intense anger
Hope is the tallest mountain
waiting to be climbed
Hope is pain turned into care
Hope is letting go
Hope is keeping your head held high,
not letting anything get in your way
Hope is conflict and war coming to a end
Hope is reaching out to the weak,devastated,and miserable
Hope is Hope When I grow up I'd like to be
A brave, strong rover out at sea,
A-sailing on the ocean tide
To see the big world far and wide

But then I also wish to fly
A whizzing jet plane in the sky;
I'd make a loop and zoom and dash,
and come to land without a crash.

Oh! How many things I'd want to do!
Like bulding houses big and new;
How very happy I would feel
If I could build a brighe of steel

I'll try to do these if I can
when i'v become a full grown man.
- Reynaldo M. Corrales
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