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Section 1.1: Peopling the Americas

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Sherifa Amin

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of Section 1.1: Peopling the Americas

10,000 to 5000
years ago

3000 years ago
12,000 to 10,000
years ago
years ago

Development of Agriculture
[Central Mexico]
Complex Societies Flourish in the Americas
The Ice Age
- Hunting lifestyle ended.
- Temperature warmed.
- Ice glaciers melted.
- Sea levels rose.
- Land bridge melted into the Bering Sea.
Section 1.1: Peopling the Americas
Beringia Land Bridge
The First Americans
Ice Age Ended
Some settled in North America
Some moved south towards Mexico
into South America
Village named 'Cahokia' that existed on the Mississippi River near (today's) Missouri
Cahokia had a population larger or equal to any major European city in the 1200s
It has more than 15,000 residents, making it larger than Paris or London.

Agriculture made it possible for people to remain in one place & store food.
They were not always farming.. they could develop other skills.
Result: larger, more stable societies & complex cultures.
“What is civilization? Its marks are a noble religion and philosophy, original arts, stirring music, rich story and legend. We had these. We were not savages, but a civilized race.”

-From "The First Americans"; an open letter by The Grand Council Fire of American Indians to the mayor of Chicago in December 1927

Other Native American groups never adopted agriculture
They remained nomadic (moving from place to place in search for food and water)
Middle & South America
Homework for Wednesday
1. Section 1 Assessment p. 7 # 1 - 5

2. Read Section 1.2 p. 8 - 13
Look at the map of Early North American Cultures in your textbook page 6
Achievements of these Empires:
Main Points:-
1. Cities & centers [huge palaces/temples/pyramids/plazas]
2. Forms of writing [using symbols/images]

North American Cultures
Ancient Desert Farmers (Hohokam & Anasazi):
Main Points:
1. Crops
2. Valleys of rivers
3. Civilizations
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